Shorby Review – The smart way to enhance your Instagram bio link

  • By: Mark J Draper
  • Time to read: 2 min.
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How to use multiple links with your Instagram bio link - Shorby Review

I've been using Shorby for a while and they've recently redesigned the landing page to have additional features. If you've ever wanted to make better use of the ...

Instagram is a brilliant platform for sharing your photos and Shorby aims to enhance this further by offering you multiple links from your Instagram bio link.

As someone with a growing audience who features products in my feed I wanted to be able to capitalize on visitor interest beyond a single link in my Instagram bio page. You’re probably facing the same dilemma, you have traffic to your Instagram bio link, but where should you direct it?

It’s a tough call and means you may need to edit your bio whenever you’ve something new you want to point visitors to. Instagram users now expect to head to a bio and click a link, so the smart way to add more links to your Instagram bio is to use your single bio link to point people to a dedicated page with multiple options, and that’s where Shorby comes in.

Shorby connects to your Instagram account and allows for multiple links to be listed via that ONE link in your Instagram bio. Think about the possibilities! As a direct seller or small business owner, you will be able to direct your audience to not only your website, but your Facebook business page, your VIP customer group, your blog, other social media accounts that you use, it’s even great for linking to your newsletter, to your Flash Sale Event, or YouTube videos – basically ANY link you want!

You’ll also be able to view stats on links so you can see which are being clicked the most and when.

In a recent update you can now make use of the new Smart Page which allows you to create a page with custom backgrounds, animations, GIFs, videos and visual links to websites to create a highly personalised page that doesn’t look like a standard template others may have.

I’ve setup 3 different Shorby pages, my own features my website, my YouTube page and promotes a couple of services I’m an affiliate of, e.g. the brilliant TubeBuddy.

LinkTree Tutorial ( Live demo of my...
LinkTree Tutorial ( Live demo of my account )

One of the other pages I’ve created allows visitors to either call or email, putting them in direct contact of the Instagram account owner in just 2 clicks!

The nice thing about all of this is you never have to update your Instagram bio link again, you just keep your Shorby page updated. And because it’s a link you’re not restricted to Instagram, you could also use this across your social media platforms.

It’s been great to see Shorby develop and roll out the new Smart Page feature, that shows they’re not just content to leave the product as is, they’re actively developing new features. Check it out via this referral link: