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STM Goods have produced a lot of great bags, for example the STM Stories collection. The STM Myth is no exception, giving a lot of storage space in a comfortable to carry package.

The STM Myth is available in a range of colours and sizes, the 18L granite black version is the one on review but you can also get a 28L version as well.

The Myth backpack looks great, the grey looks very cool and when all pockets are zipped up it looks very tidy.

There are two front pockets, the top one has a furry inside and is suitable for small items. The bottom one has a kep holder and is good for mobiles or headphones.

This bottom pocket also has a small wire hole to the main compartment which I’ve used to pass a USB cable through, mobile in the front pocket, charging battery in the main compartment.

The main section doesn’t look like much from the photos, but when you get into it it’s full of storage solutions.

The sTM Myth can carry laptops up to 15″ and uses what STM have termed Slingtech, the latop section is raised off the floor of the backpack meaning any shock from the backpack being dropped isn’t transmitted into your expensive laptop.

There are also a range of pockets for items such as iPads, Kindles, notepads, pens, you can fit a LOT into this backpack!

Around the back you’ll find the shoulder straps (with optional across chest strap) and a luggage pass-through.

Being out and about you’re likly to get caught int he rain at some point and to help protect your kit the Myth has a water repellent coating.

In use the STM Myth is really good, I took it with me on a recent holiday and packed loads of bits into it. Wearing it out and about for the day I realised how comfortable it was compared to other backpacks I’ve used, weight is really well distributed.

It also proved easy to clean, even after getting accidentally muddy and scuffed, a damp cloth soon had it restored.

The holiday involved lots of trekking through the countryside, not really what the Myth is designed for, it’s more of a around town bag when you’re at work or in education.

All this wonder tech and comfort does come at a price, the Myth retailed for around £100 at the time of review, but you are getting a lot of smarter bag technology than you’ll find at a much lower price.

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