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The Divoom Timebox-Evo is with a Bluetooth speaker with a pixel display, or a pixel display with a Bluetooth speaker built in!

Whichever way you describe it the Timebox-Evo is a very unique little gadget that can be taken out and about on adventures with you.

On the from of the Timebox-Evo is a pixel display screen, on the top are controls, around the side is the power and microphone and on the back is the speaker grill and micro-USB connector for power.

The display can be used for all sorts of things, primarily as a clock making this great for a bedside speaker/alarm clock. It can also display updates and notifications as well as little animations.

This is all controlled via companion app which is easy to get up and running, just pair the speaker with the app and you’re ready to get personalizing.

As you’ll see in the review video there are all sorts of options available to you from adjusting the colours on the clock to creating your own works of pixel are for all to see.


If, like me, you’re rubbish at art never fear, there are a huge range of user generated designs and animations to take a look at and no doubt you’ll be able to find something to your taste, be it Mario and Lugi or a pixel Rick Roll.

The closest gadget I can think of to this is the Lametric clock, the main difference between the two is the Lametric clock connects via WiFi and provides an always on stream of information.

On the speaker front the Timebox-Evo puts in an OK performance, but nothing that’ll scare either the Edififer MP200 or Pych Monic, it lacks the bass both of these mini speakers deliver so easily.

That’s not to say it’s a bad speaker, there are just much better speakers on the market. Of course they don’t feature the pixel screen which isn’t just for a clock and silly animations, but to also help you get to sleep.

The Timebox-Evo features a special sleep mode which sets the pixels to a low orange colour and alllows you to play one of a number of relaxing sounds (think babbling brook, fireplace, waves lapping etc) to help you drift off to sleep.

I can see this being very handy when travelling if you find it hard to get to sleep, this can easily travel with you and be popped next to the bed. Even if there are no sockets next to the bed it can run off battery (both the speaker and display).

There are loads of additional features I’ve yet to fully try out (and probably a lot I wouldn’t ever bother with) and that shows just how versatile this little speaker, pixel display unit thingy really is.

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