Sudio Regent Bluetooth Headphones Review

  • By: Mark J Draper
  • Time to read: 2 min.
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The Regent Bluetooth Headphones are a set of on ear headphones from Swedish brand Sudio.

These aren’t low cost headphones so it was disappointing to fin there is no case included.

The Regents are well padded and comfortable to wear, they have small, circular, earphones that sit on your year.  As you’d expect there are the usual controls and they can be folded down to make them more compact.

They’re available in both black and white, you’ll see the black version in the review video below.

A unique feature Sudio have added to the Regent headphones is the ability to personalise them by swapping out a round plastic cap on both the left and right ear.  It’s a nice touch if you’re happy to pay extra to change the look of the headphones, however when attempting to do just that for the review video below the process was rather tricky and it felt like the cap was going to break.

For most people sound quality is more important than style and unfortunately in this area the Sudio Regents were very disappointing.  They lack any real bass, music sounds very flat and the overall quality suggests these should be priced far lower then they are.

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to decent sounding, competitively priced, Bluetooth headphones, for example the August EP750, and this puts the Sudio Regents in a tricky spot, they just don’t do enough to justify the high price they’re asking consumers to pay.

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Headphones Headphones Headphones: Box opening and impressions

If these were a very low cost set of headphones you could accept the lack of case, lack of bass and generally poor sound, however Sudio have set the price high and with a high price come high expectations, expectations that the Regents fail to deliver on.

Still, they are comfortable and so if you’re interested in checking out the current price they’re available from: – 15% discount with the code reviewify15

Sudio Regent Bluetooth Headphones Video Review