THESE tech influencers could bank £150,000 a month from YouTube!

Tech YouTuber Mark J Draper holding an iPhone

Technology is evolving at such a rapid rate that it is often overwhelming for the average consumer to keep up with. Luckily, the rise of tech influencers has taken this burden of consumers with their in-depth video reviews and tutorials of various tech products.

Interested in tech influencers, analysed data from analytics tool on Social Blade to find out how much some of the biggest tech influencers in the world could earn each month from their official YouTube channel.

NameYouTube ChannelNo. of SubscribersEstimated Monthly Earnings from YouTube
Marques BrownleeMarques Brownlee12.8M£149,290
Lewis HilsentegerUnbox Therapy17.5M£86,148
Arun MainiMrwhosetheboss5.71M£77,337
Zack NelsonJerryRigEverything6.37M£57,758
Justine EzarikiJustine6.75M£31,033
Austin EvansAustin Evans4.37M£29,564
Dave LeeDave Lee3.09M£22,516
Judner AuraUrAvgConsumer3.01M£10,573
Safwan AhmedmiaSuperSaf1.64M£9,300
DanielZONEofTECH 1.09M£6,265
Mark DrapermarkJdraper10.6k£562

Many Spins found that the eloquent and insightful Marques Brownlee with 12.8 million subscribers could bank an estimated £149,290 a month from his YouTube channel. Such is the popularity of the 26-year-old, his unboxing video of the new PlayStation 5 gaming console has already accumulated 10 million views in the space of a week!

Marques is a brilliant tech YouTuber and I personally recommend checking out his channel, if only for inspiration on how to make an incredible looking video (hint, it often involved very expensive equipment such as robotic controlled cameras!).

In second position is Lewis Hilsenteger. His YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has the potential to earn him a healthy sum of £86,148 per month. Proving you don’t need to be flashing to do well on YouTube the channel setup is usually a simple view of Lewis behind a desk showing off the latest tech. The channel is most associated with kickstarting the Apple ‘bendgate’ saga – where Lewis uploaded a video of him bending the iPhone 6 Plus with his hands and discovered that the iPhone 6 Plus could bend whilst in people’s pockets.

Arun Maini from the UK is in third place. Widely praised for his honest tech reviews without any brand favouritism, he can take home a prospective £77,337 a month from his YouTube channel Mrwhosetheboss. With that sort of income every month, he could certainly be the boss!

Interestingly, Justine Ezarik has the potential earning power of £31,033 from her YouTube channel iJustine. Her sizeable following of 6.75 million can be credited to her captivating mix of product reviews and tutorials on how to use various tech software. Justine brings a very different vibe to the tech scene, often unboxing the latest gadget with wide eyed wonderment and a healthy dose of comedy.

On the other end in tenth place is Daniel who has a YouTube channel called ZONEofTECH with 1.09 million subscribers. Known for his thorough approach when familiarising himself with the features of the products he is reviewing, the channel allows Daniel to pocket an estimated £6,265 a month.

And finally, just a little bit outside the top 10 I couldn’t help but add myself. With my growing review channel having just surpassed 10k I’m no where near the big YouTubers, go help get me in to the top 10 by heading over to my channel, watching awesome content and clicking the all important Subscribe button.

Mark J Draper is a self-confessed gadget lover who forged a career in the telecommunication and utility industry while maintaining a hobby of writing and filming reviews that are published on YouTube and