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Time2 TC950c

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The Time2 TC950C joins an ever growing marketplace of budget friendly tablets, with this particular tablet running Android.

Soon after set up the TC950C advised of an update which meant that at the time of review it was running Android 5.1.1. For the most part Android runs fine and this is a good tablet for basic tasks such as internet surfing, some shopping, photo viewing or video streaming.

The 9″ screen is a good size, but it doesn’t have the best viewing angles. In some situation it can be fairly slow to respond, not a good tablet if you want to do a spot of digital art.

It comes with a Quad Core processor and accepts memory cards up to 32GB, useful if you want to load games or films onto the tablet.

While it’s capable of playing games it isn’t that great at high end games, they tend to be playable but sluggish and laggy. However, more basic games are handled OK.

The camera is a rather poor 2MP camera on the back, it’s useable but unlikely to be the camera you want to use over a phone camera or dedicated camera.

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With lots of competition available the Time2 TC950C If you’re looking for a basic tablet for basic tasks this will very likely tick the boxes, just be aware the budget price comes with limitations.

Time2 tablets are available from Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/1NiWIjB

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