AppSumo Black Friday 2021

AppSumo has kicked off it’s Black Friday 2021 sale early and there are some great deals to be had. Here are some of the gems you should check out.


BIGVU is a fantastic pocket TV studio. It allows you to script, record and edit videos on your mobile. It’s very easy to use on your mobile, plus you get a web portal that allows you to add scripts, so you don’t need to worry about typing them out on your mobile.

It works on both iOS and Android, offers automatic captioning, editing, green screen replacement, it’s really a must have tool for content creators.

YouTube Video Planner

I’m going to be cheaky and include my very own product in the list! I’ve recently created this workbook to help people launch a YouTube channel, you can get the digital version at a discount during the Black Friday deal, if you’d rather get a printed copy you can order from Amazon:

In the guide I’ve included exercises to help you understand how to correctly start a YouTube channel and a journal element to track your progress. Good for those new to YouTube, or those who want to evaluate an existing channel and make sure it’s set up correctly.

Sticking with the content creation theme, is 3 products in one:

  • Online video editor
  • Video Hosting
  • Animation Studio

I grabbed this deal a while ago and am planning on grabbing another code to upgrade the deal. Although I use Premier Pro, sometimes I just want to throw a quick video together and lets me do just that.

It’s quick and easy to use, offers inbuilt stock photos, videos, music and stickers, and has a good range of prebuilt templates. I’ve not made use of the animation studio, but I have taken a look and if you’ve time to dig into it I thinik you’d be able to produce some very professional results.

This deal is worth getting for the video editor alone, great to get the additions on top.


If you’ve a few different social media accounts it can quickly become a chore posting to them all. That’s where this deal comes in, it allows you to schedule you social media posts quickly and easily. I’ve found the interface to be very easy to use, I really like the included social media calendar that suggests events you could post about, and it covers all the major networks you could want to post to:

  • Facebook pages/groups
  • Telegram groups/channels
  • Twitter
  • Google business accounts
  • Instagram feed and stories
  • LinkedIn personal and company profiles
  • WhatsApp groups

There are a lot of these apps available, one of the things I really like is the ability to add an unlimited number of accounts and users, if you’re an agency this means you can offer this as a product for your customers to use.


If you’re looking for a social media management tool with a unique edge, check out Ocoya. Similar to POSTOPLAN, Ocoya allows you to schedule your social media posts across various platforms. Where it differs is the fusion of scheduler and AI writing assistant.

The assistant, called Travis, gives you access to a suite of writing models you’d normally find in a dedicated AI writing platform. For example, if I ask for a blog intro to an article about Black Friday Deals it gives me a range of options:

It also has its own post creation tool, social media analytics, ecommerce integration and lots more on the roadmap. It’s more expensive than POSTOPLAN, but you’re getting lots of tools all bundled into a single workspace.


If you’re looking for a way to build websites using an online website builder, but without the ongoing cost that services such as Wix charge, check out WebStarts. The top plan available on AppSumo let’s you build an unlimited number of websites, hosted on their platform.

The great thing about WebStarts is it’s built with agencies in mind, so if you purchase this and charge a few people to build and host their website you’ll get your money back in no time at all.

They’ve included a limited number of email addresses as well, you can purchase extra as required. The builder is fairly easy to use, but I’m told they’re in the process of rolling out a large update, the entire system is being activly developed.

Finished websites are very quick to load, here is are the results from one of my clients websites:

The site includes a blogging and shop feature, so it’s perfect for a range of situations.


Talking of being an agency, Oviond is a very cool platform that allows you to pull in data from a range of sources (e.g. Facebook, FB Ads, Google Analytics etc) and create beautiful reports. They can be reports just on one area, such as Facebook, or you can combine the reported data to give a big picture of what’s happening accross a range of channels.

I use this with several clients, after the initial report set up you don’t need to do anything, reports can be automatically distributed to clients on a regular basis. If they would prefer a digital dashboard, not a problem! Set one up with all the widgets you need and your clients can access via a special link.

It’s very easy to use, has a lot of integration options, and is a nice value add you can offer clients.

Lots of others

This is just a small selection of the deals included in the sale, anything marked up as taking part in the Black Friday promotion will count towards earning a 10% discount when you spend over $150.

As a bonus, if you’re an AppSumo Plus or Briefcase customer you’ll get this 10% discount on top of your membership discount!

Remember, almost all deals have a 60 day money back, no questions asked, return policy. You can purchase, try out, and either keep or refund if it’s not for you.

Mark J Draper is a self-confessed gadget lover who forged a career in the telecommunication and utility industry while maintaining a hobby of writing and filming reviews that are published on YouTube and