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Lifetime access to the growing SFX catelogue

I invested in audiio lifetime music, and now they’re offering the option to add lifetime sound effects for a one off price, but is it worth it?

I’ve been dipping in to the audiio music catalogue throughout 2020 and have been very pleased with my investment into a lifetime subscription. The music has featured in numerous YouTube videos I’ve made along with little trailer videos I’ve created, it sounds really professional and there are loads of music to pick from.

For most of 2020 audiio have been hinting they are looking into adding sound effects to their growing music collection, something early adopters have been requesting on their social posts all year.

Well the time has come, audiio have now launched an SFX catelogue and they are once again offering is up for a limited time at a single one off lifetime cost.

How much?

There are currently 3 pricing options:

  • Lifetime music – $299
  • Lifetime SFX – $199
  • One year music & SFX – £199

If you are going to invest in lifetime music and SFX today you’ll be paying $498, which sounds a lot, but when you consider many sites price annual plans around $200 it means after 2 years of use you start saving money.

What SFX?

As with the music catalogue, you’re able to check out the SFX on offer without having an account. The launch catelogue is very comprehensive and have been split into a range of categories.

Audiio SFX categories

You can refine each category by duration of effect and there are suggested sub categories to narrow your search further, for example under ‘Whoosh’ you can narrow the category further by ‘designed’, ‘texture’, ‘eerie’, and ‘sci fi’.

SFX Categories

  • Whoosh
  • Weather
  • Water
  • Ambience
  • Technology
  • Cartoon
  • Walla
  • Hits and risers
  • Transportation
  • Cinematic
  • Tonal
  • Animals
  • Street
  • Impact
  • Air
  • Animation
  • Texture
  • Human
  • Doors
  • Sci-fi
  • Handles
  • Energy
  • House
  • Office

I’ve been having a listen to a range of files across these categories, and they’ve all sounded brilliant. And there are a lot of SFX to listen to, pick a category and scroll down and more just keep loading up.

Want a cinematic hit for a trailer? No problem, there are loads to pick from. Need to do a bit of world building and want to add rain and wind sounds while you hear a plan fly by? Done and done!

It’s already a fantastic collection, if you’re a video creator who wants a one stop shop for you music and SFX the lifetime investment is well worth it.

Click here to check out the audiio SFX library. adds LIFETIME SFX option adds LIFETIME SFX option
£199 ONCE $199 annually

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