Designrr adds new features

I recently reviewed the excellent Designrr, a website that helps you convert your existing content into amazing looking eBooks and since the review they’ve continued to improve the software adding 2 much needed features.

If you use Designrr to make a new eBook one of the frustrations you encountered was the inability to easily move content around. For example you might want to move page 6 to be page 2, the only way you could do that was to move all the content bit by bit.

The new update now allows you to move entire pages, in the same way you can move a slide in PowerPoint, just drag and drop.

Designrr now allows you to drag and drop pages.

The second improvement introduced a new navigation aid at the top of the screen that allows you to easily insert pages and page breaks. This gives the user a much better experiance and a much loved function from applications such as MS Word.

A great couple of updates to an already feature packed platform.

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