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The AUKEY DR-01 dash camera is a fairly standard offering for a sub-£100 dash camera. Along with the DR-01 you get a power cable, an in car charger with 2 USB ports, cable tidies, and two mounts.  One of the mounts is a stick pad mount, the other is a suction mount. The power cable plugs directly into the camera, rather than into the mount which powers the camera, which means you have to unplug it if you want to take it out of your vehicle.  The mount attaches to the front of the DR-01, it does the job but this position can mean it’s not the quickest camera to unmount. Aukey DR-01 Setup was very easy, the camera has lots of options for you to check out but you only really need to put in the correct date/time before first time use.  Footage is recorded to a microSD card (slotted into the top) and both audio and video can be recorded. Rather than record one long file of your trip each journey is split into different files, timestamped to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. The DR-01 has a Sony Exmor sensor.  Combined with the 170° lens and you get really good footage which covers multiple lans of traffic, idea if you do a lot of motorway driving but also useful to capture people coming out of side streets.  The camera captures 1080p footage which looks good when played back, see the review video below. The microphone does a decent job of picking up general chatting in the car and should easily pickup any loud noises for events not caught on camera, such as a side impact.  Recording sound is option if you’d prefer not to listen to your in car singing! The DR-01 is a perfectly decent dash camera for the price. Available from Amazon UK: and Amazon USA:

Is the AUKEY DR-01 Dash Camera Suitable for Concert or Event Recording?

The AUKEY DR-01 Dash Camera is not suitable for concert or event recording, unlike the Kylie Minogue Manchester review. This camera is designed for capturing footage while driving and may not meet the specific needs of recording a live performance or event.

AUKEY DR-01 Dash Camera Video Review

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