Watchu GPS Child Tracking Watch Review

Watchu GPS Watch


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Watchu GPS Child Tracking Watch Review
Watchu GPS Child Tracking Watch Review

The Watchu GPS tracking watch is a gadget aimed at concerned parents, giving them location information as well as a way to communicate with the watch user.

In the box is the watch, SIM card details and charging cable.  A SIM card is included and it comes pre-installed in the watch, but you’ll need to register and activate it before it’ll work.

The watch has a simple and robust looking design, you’ll see the blue version in the review video below but other colours are available.

Taking it out of the packaging and the first thing noticed was the SIM card cover flapping about.  This seemed to have worked itself free in transport and once pushed back in place it stayed secure.

Next to the SIM card holder is a USB charging point.  As you can probably guess, having these two ports means this isn’t a water proof watch, something to keep in mind if you’re on holiday by a pool/the sea.

The watch offers a simple greyscale display that can have either a digital or analogue time display.  On the right hand side are 3 control buttons and the watch also features a microphone/speaker.

Setup was almost easy.  Download the app, add the watch and activate the SIM card.  Unfortunately something went wrong when activating the SIM, the watch just wasn’t communicating with the world.

Several different SIM cards (known to be working) were tried in the watch but they didn’t work either.  Logging a support request got the issue sorted, the watch didn’t have the correct settings to use the SIM card and they resolved this remotely, the watch just needed a power cycle and it was up and running.

The app allows control of multiple watches, so if you have several children you need to keep track of you can do so via a single app.

You can also have several users of the app, with each user identifying the relationship with the child, for example parent, uncle, brother etc.  This forms the address book for the watch, only those added to the app can be called by the watch.

The app offers some nifty features, you can locate the watch, view a playback of where the watch has been, dial the watch to talk to the child, or dial them to just listen in (so the watch answers the call without notifying the users). Buy Accutane online overnight delivery from and save your money.

In use the watch has a decent battery life, turning it on a 7am and messing around with it over the course of a day it was still powered up at 9pm at which point it was turned off, via the app.

While the app is easy to use the watch was rather confusing.  Perhaps it’s because it’s a little sluggish to respond, but trying to get the watch to do what I wanted never seemed to go to plan.

The location feature wasn’t 100% accurate, the watch location was often shown to be a few houses down the road.

If this is the sort of gadget you’re interested in keep in mind you’ll have ongoing SIM card costs, but at least your child can only call authorised individuals and so it’ll likely be cheaper than giving them an unretricted mobile phone.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2o7WnfV and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2odKZvW

Watchu GPS Child Tracking Watch Video Review

WATCHU for Kids Phone Watch with GPS Tracker - Check Your Child's Whereabouts - SOS Button with Voice Chat - Call Them from Your Mobile - Friendly UK Tech Support (Grasshopper Green)

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  • Two way calling, voice messaging and emergency SOS button.
  • Accurate tracking outdoor (and most indoor locations) using GPS and WIFI signal. - Long battery life from 48h (automatic tracking mode) to 72h (manual tracking mode).
  • Unique round face design, small in size looks and feels just like a normal kids watch.
  • WATCHU includes a CPR Chameleon PAYG SIM. £3 worth of credit free of charge allowing the watch to work straight out of the box. CPR Chameleon is a unique mobile network that can switch between all major networks to ensure the best signal available at all times.
  • Optional £10.99 per month for 24/7 unlimited tracking, voice calls & monitoring. Gives you peace of mind for just 35p per day. If you have any questions or require technical support, please call our customer support team at 0800 652 7780

Oaxis Kids Smart Watch Phones GPS Tracker for Girls Boys SOS Remote Alarm Care Call Text Parents Control Watches Phone with Classroom Mode Fitness Trackers Children Teens IP67 waterproof myFirst Fone

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  • ⌚The Ultimate 3G Smartwatch With GPS For Your Kids - 3G Voice & Video Call for Real-time Communication. Connect with your kids anytime, anywhere just like a regular phone. The S2 is fully compatible with 3G data and voice calls. Receive and make calls instantly through a push of a button. Notice: Not available with Verizon and Sprint network. Support Vodafone UK and GiffGaff S2 supports Prepaid/Postpaid Mobile Smartphone SIMs.
  • ⌚One-touch SOS + GPS + Geo Fencing ---- With real-time tracking, you could set safety zones for your kids by highlighting GEO-locations on the map. Getting lost has never been this fun! S2 uses advanced GPS, WiFi and GSM to help parents accurately and conveniently locate their child.
  • ⌚Camera + Video Calls - The S2 comes equipped with a 1.3 megapixel full HD camera. Children can capture their favorite moments with the camera or make video calls to an approved phone number list. Parents can also immerse themselves in the environment of their child by listening in to their surroundings in real-time without any notifications on the S2.
  • ⌚Classroom mode + Fitness tracking ---- Turn the watchphone to classroom mode for specified periods to minimize distractions. This means the watch cannot make or receive messages or calls and notifications will be hidden. The only feature that can be used in classroom mode is the SOS function. Track your childs activity with the in-built pedometer and encourage your child to stay healthy by setting goals through the iOS or Android app for your kid.
  • ⌚60 hours Battery Life+Splash-proof---- With 600mAh battery capacity, the watchphone could last for up to 60 hours. The S2 is rated to be IP67 splash-proof. It will remain in tip-top working condition even if your child runs it under the tap while washing their hands.

Techsixtyfour - Gator Kids and Seniors Splashproof Smartwatch - GPS and Wi-Fi Tracking - Two-way phone calls Smartwatch with Sim - Wrist Watch for Boys and Girls - UK Sim Only - Pink

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  • Phone, GPS Tracker And Watch Combined. Two Way Voice Calls - Calls to and from up to 13 designated numbers
  • Location Tracking - GPS outdoors and WIFI indoors. Multiple Networks - Greater reliability. Connects to multiple networks in most countries worldwide
  • Long Battery Life - 4 days standby battery
  • Splash Proof - Rain and beach proof rugged casing
  • Secure - End to end encrypted. Systems reviewed monthly by London cyber security firm

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