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The Onda V10 Phablet is a 10.1″ Android tablet with not one, but two SIM card slots giving access to the internet when on the go. Being a low cost tablet compromises have been made.  It’s a little chunky and heavy in the hand, and you only get Android 5.1. The V10 has been kept fairly free of bloatware or customisation, the most obvious tweak is the lack of app trey. As you’ll see in the review video, the low price means you’re not getting a brilliant front or back camera, with images looking washed out and video rather choppy. Onda V10 photo 3 Onda V10 photo 2 Onda V10 photo 1           The audio on the video is surprisingly good, so at least if you want to make a video call you can be sure you’re voice will come across nice and clearly. The V10 has an IPS screen and in bright light you can end up with lots of reflections, so it’s not great for use outdoors in the sun.  10.1″ is a really nice size for watching media or a bit of casual web browsing, plus if you’re playing games you’ve got a lot of screen to see what’s going on. Talking of games, while the MTK6735 1.3GHz Quad Core processor processor is OK for basic games it struggles when you throw graphic intensive games at it.  As you’ll see in the video below these games are playable, but not at the silky smooth rate you’d like. The Onda V10 is a mid level tablet that will be fine for general use.  The ability to add a SIM card (or two!) is handy for those who want access to the internet on the go and gives it the edge against other low cost, WiFi only, tablets. The Onda V10 is available to buy from GearBest: https://bit.ly/2nAXDn2

Is the Onda V10 4G Phablet a Suitable Alternative to the Asustor AS4002T 2 Bay 10Gbit NAS for Home Use?

Looking for a home storage solution? Consider the Asustor AS4002T. With 10Gbit NAS, it’s fast and efficient. But for on-the-go use, the Onda V10 4G phablet might be a suitable alternative. Check out an in-depth Asustor AS4002T review to make an informed decision.

How Does the Onda V10 4G Phablet Compare to the Asustor AS3102T V2 Home NAS?

When comparing the Onda V10 4G Phablet to the Asustor AS3102T V2 Home NAS, it’s important to consider the specific needs of the user. The Asustor AS3102T V2 review indicates that it excels in network storage and file sharing capabilities, while the Onda V10 4G Phablet offers portable communication and entertainment features.

Are Gaming Headsets Compatible with the Onda V10 4G Phablet?

Yes, the Onda V10 4G Phablet is compatible with the Somic G909 gaming headset. You can simply plug in the headset using the 3.5mm audio jack and enjoy immersive gaming experience with high-quality sound. The comfortable design of the headset makes it suitable for long gaming sessions on the phablet.

Onda V10 4G Phablet Video Review


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