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The Somic G909 7.1 gaming headset are very comfortable with lots of padding.

They’ll easily cover your ears for a nice over the ear fit, essential if you want a long gaming session as it means nothing is pressing on your ears.

There is a good length USB cable and the G909s will work right away by plugging them in, Windows recognised them as headphones and they were ready to use in a snap. However, if you do this and check the properties page you’ll see they’re installed as stereo headphones only, and so it’s advisable to install the correct drivers to make full use of the digital 7.1 surround sound.

The included driver disc wasn’t up to date and didn’t have drivers for Windows 10, however a quick trip to the manufacturers website had compatible drivers available to download, just make sure to get the Digital 7.1 drivers rather than the Real 7.1 drivers.

The SOMIC G909 have a great design that incorporates a microphone that can be quickly and easily packed away into the main body of the headphones, which brilliantly means you don’t have anything else to plug in (some gaming headsets have removable mics) and you’ll always have a microphone quickly available. As you’ll hear in the review video the microphone isn’t up to the same standard as a voice over mic, but it does the job fine for gaming.

Sound quality is really good for the price, great for music, gaming or movie watching. Really good volume, good bass (which can be enhanced by pressing the bass boost button) and there is some hint of surround sound when playing something like a FPS.

One thing to note if you’re getting these to reduce gaming noise, these leak sound easily and someone sat nearby will hear everything going on when the volume is cranked up. However, if that isn’t an issue (or you’re just not bothered about annoying the other person!) then these are a brilliant set of gaming headphones that are loads better than a cheap pair of speakers.

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