AppSumo Plus – is it worth it?

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My names Mark and I’m an AppSumo addict! It started off with just a single purchase and I quickly discovered they offer brilliant deals and started buying more. Then a deal came up I couldn’t purchase…you needed to be an AppSumo Plus member as it was a returning deal.

If you’ve never heard of AppSumo let me explain. The website partners with tech websites to provide special offers, often lifetime discounts, on their products and services. The deals last for a set amount of time and once they’re over they don’t often come back.

AppSumo Plus gives you an additional 10% off for an annual price of $99. Having Plus membership also gives you access to second chance offers on previous deals, the KingSumo Giveaway platform and various other specials offers.

You pay the full amount upfront and can cancel the subscription at any time, but be careful, cancelling doesn’t cancel at the end of your current period, it cancels that day!

In cold hard cash you need to spend over $1000 on AppSumo deals for Plus membership to be worth picking up. 10% of $1000 gives you your $100 back, anything above that and you’ve made a genuine saving. That might sound a lot, but with AppSumo adding numerous new deals each month you can easily spend over $1000 if this is your sort of thing.

For me, the Plus membership has been worth the investment. Not only have I saved money, but I’ve also had extended access to deals, giving me time to consider which I want to take advantage of.

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