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Editor choice Easily make eBooks – Designrr Review

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Easily make eBooks – Designrr Review
Easily make eBooks – Designrr Review
$27 one time payment $29 per month
  • Easy to use
  • Results look fantastic
  • Lifetime access for one low price
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Designrr.io allows you to easily make professional looking eBooks from a wide range of source material. Read our review below to find out why we love the software.

As the owner and contributor to several websites, I’m always interested in tools that can help me work smarter, not harder. After researching content marketing I came across Designrr, an online tool that helps you re-purpose your content such as blog posts, videos, presentations, or podcasts into eBooks you can either sell or give away as a lead magnet.

Why is this important? One of the key techniques for generating customer leads and collecting email addresses is to offer something in return for contact details. You may already have highly valuable content created, by re-purposing it into a downloadable eBook you can quickly grow a list of your target audience.

What is Designrr?

Designrr is cloud-based software that allows you to quickly and easily make eBooks from your existing content. It does this by importing your content into Designrr and automatically formatting it into one of the available templates, quickly giving you the basis of an awesome book.

As it’s cloud-based it doesn’t require anything to be installed on your computer and it will work with across operating systems.

How can I repurpose my blog into an ebook?

Once you’ve signed up for an account you can create a new project. You pick from your source, there are different access levels, which I’ll cover later, and some sources will be locked to you. For most general uses the base package is perfect as it allows you to import from blog posts and Word docs.

Designrr Import Options
Designrrs wide range of import options

Clicking import from blog takes you to a URL input screen. Paste the URL of the blog post you’d like to include. Before you continue you get the smart option of pasting additional URLs, meaning you can combine multiple posts to create a single eBook, genius!

I’ve tried this on a number of websites and the only issue I discovered was a problem attempting to import an Elementor page. I got in touch with the support team who quickly responded:

Designrr can import content from blog post in HTML. I have inspected your blog post code and I see is created with elementor and using lots of nested <DIV> container and Designrr cannot read it.

Designrr Support Team

Fear not, there is a simple workaround to this issue, you can start from scratch and paste the content from your webpage in.

Once your content is loaded in you pick a template for your eBook. There is a good selection available, although if you plan on creating a lot of eBooks I strongly recommend upgrading to the Pro plan which has hundreds more than the basic plan.

Designrr eBook Templates

Each has a professional-looking cover which can be customised, changing everything from the text to the images used. The template sets the style for the entire eBook, picking colours, fonts and head/footer styles.

I really like the inclusion of a final page template. This page can have information about the author or contact details, and it is created in the same style as the cover.

How can I turn my YouTube video/Podcast into an eBook?

Although Designrr started out as a text/image importer the more advanced plans now allow you to create an eBook out of your videos (either a stand-alone file or YouTube video) as well as your Podcasts.

I can see this option being very useful for those who wish to convert a talk into an eBook to make available on a website. The process takes a little longer due to the speech recognition that takes place. Once completed you have a transcript of the audio and, if the source is a video, stills from your footage.

Depending on your topic you may have more work to do to knock this into an eBook, but it’s a brilliant option for those who want to avoid having to manually create a transcript.

Designrr Interface

I’ve been using the newly launched 2020 Designrr interface and overall I find it to be very easy to use.

OK eBooks can be created in 30 seconds, but they won’t be ready to use right away, you’ll need to clean the book up, checking the formatting, page breaks, add images if required and generally check the content is presented as well as it can be.

The interface makes it easy to add new pages, import from an additional source, add a call to action and so much more.

For most components you drag them onto the eBook area:

designrr interface element

On the editing canvas content is arranged into blocks, a concept you’ll be familiar with if you’re a WordPress user. Each block has its own edit bar and can be classified as a type of text, for example, a heading (H1, H2 etc), paragraph or a list item.

I’ve found Designrr generally does an excellent job of maintaining the source formatting, the only exception being bullet points, which I’ve had to reformat as list items.

Oddly the delete key doesn’t work when editing, meaning you need to use the back key only.

For those who want to add additional images, you’ll be pleased to know you don’t have to source them all yourself as Designrr has an inbuilt stock image library for you to use.

Designrr media manager

Type in your search term and get back a wide range of high-quality options. You can also embed a video, very useful if you’re planning on digital distribution of the eBook.

Export Options

When your new masterpiece has been completed you can quickly export it as a PDF. Depending on the plan you’ve chosen you can also export it as a .mobi for Kindle, Epud or HTML.

Cover & Mockup Creator

A really nice addition for those on the Pro plan upwards is the inclusion of a cover and mockup generator. This allows you to generate a 3D render of your cover as a book, on a mobile or on a Kindle, as well as a situational mockup such as by the pool in the example below.

Designrr Pricing Plans

As standard Designrr charges per month and offers 4 different plans:

  • $29 p/m – Standard
  • $39 p/m – Pro
  • $49 p/m – Premium
  • $99 p/m – Premium

Each increase in plan level provides you with additional features.

Designrr Pricing
Designrr Pricing March 2020

Designrr Lifetime Deal

Click here to get Designrr for a one of payment of just $27 (aff link)

I’m pleased to be able to offer you this one-off payment deal, the standard price is $29 a month.

The single payment gives you access to the standard package which is perfect for those looking to create eBooks every now and then. You always have the option to upgrade to one of the higher up plans if you want additional features such as more cover designs and templates.

Is Designrr worth getting?

If you follow my affiliate offer link and bag this for just $37 (about £22) you’ll get lifetime access to a slick tool that will save you a lot of time. I consider myself to be a pro Microsoft Word user and Designrr is much easier to use for eBook creation.

It’s designed to do this one task and it does it very well. In the last year of use, I’ve seen the developers continue to add features (such as speech to text) as well as refine the interface.

I’d highly recommend getting the standard package for the lifetime price, see if you find it useful and if you want additional features you can always upgrade at a later date.

9.5 Total Score
Easily create professional eBooks with Designrr

Re-purpose your existing content into professional eBooks

  • Easy to use
  • Results look fantastic
  • Lifetime access for one low price
  • Requires you check and adjust formatting
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