Fantaseal Time Lapse Camera Mount Review

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The Fantaseal Time Lapse Camera Mount is a great accessory if you like experimenting with time lapse videos.

Although it’s design for use with GoPro I’ve used it successfully with a lower cost GoClone camera which had a case with the same mounting system.

It’s made of metal and is very similar to a kitchen countdown timer clock, rotate the dial to set how long you want it turning for and then just leave it to it.

It can be set up to an hour, which gives a full rotation, but you can set it to any time you want and you’ll get different amounts of rotation:

15 minutes – 90 degree
30 minutes – 180 degree
45 minutes – 270 degree
60 minutes – 360 degree

As well as looking like a kitchen timer it sounds like one too, with an audible ticking and a ringing when the time is up.

It has a standard tripod mount on the bottom which is brilliant for using with a standard tripod in a busy area to catch lots of people milling around at a good height without having to balance this on an available surface, and also opens up loads of opportunities for using this in interesting locations if you happen to have flexible tripods that can wrap around tree branches.

Fantaseal Time Lapse Mount tripod

If you don’t have an action camera but do have a mobile with a time lapse feature this can still be used, the action camera mount can be removed to reveal a standard tripod thread.

Note that it doesn’t come with any other mounts, you’ll need to buy your own mobile mount.  In the review video you’ll see this works really well with an iPhone SE, the combination of fast time lapse movement with the slow rotation of the Fantaseal mount looks really professional.

Great accessory for those looking to up their time lapse game.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2eogNIb and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2eowA9O

Fantaseal Time Lapse Camera Mount Video Review

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