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We’ve tested out dozens of products over the last few years to bring you review of gadgets to take on the move.

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    Goluk T1 Dash Camera Review

    The Goluck T1 dash camera joins a very crowded market and brings some new tricks to the in car camera party. It’s a nicely styled little camera, the cylindrical design means this is compact and won’t stand out when fitted in your car.  It also means there is no screen on the camera, you’ll need…

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    Enkeeo Waterproof Backpacking 4 Person Tent Review

    The Enkeeo Waterproof Backpacking Tent is a compact 4 person tent that is small enough to carry about. It easily fits into the boot of a car and would be suitable for taking with you on the train. The tent comes in two main sections, a ground sheet inner tent and an over tent that adds a little…

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    Vantrue X1 Car Dash Camera Review

    The Vantrue X1 dash camera isn’t the first Vantrue camera I’ve tried, this sits in the middle of the high end and low end models I’ve previously looked at. As with the other cameras you get the brilliant Vantrue windscreen mount which powers the camera so you don’t need to plug a wire into the camera…

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  • STM Bags “Velocity Blazer” Laptop Sleeve Review

    The STM Bags “Velocity Blazer” Laptop Sleeve is actually the first laptop sleeve I’ve come across. Rather than being a larger, bulky, laptop bag this is designed to be a lightweight laptop holder than can double up as a laptop bag if required. The Velocity Blazer is made from nice quality material and has 3 pockets. The main…

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  • Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam Review

    The Vantrue N2 Dash Camera is a first for me as it features not one, but two cameras. The first camera is your standard front facing camera to capture what is going on ahead of you. The second is a rear facing camera to capture what’s going on in the car. There is a little screen…

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  • 61mrAXjMsL. SL1000 1

    Junsun 7″ GPS Sat Nav Tablet Review

    Kindly given to me to review the Junsun GPS is a low cost, large screen, GPS system. Along with the 7″ tablet GPS you get a windscreen mounting kit, in car charger and a USB cable. The windscreen mounting kit comes in two parts, the arm that attaches to your windscreen and a back plate…

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  • IMG 1350

    Asus Reco Smart Dash Camera

    The Asus Reco is an interesting proposition, being the offspring of a dash cam and action cam. The result is a multi purpose camera that aims to record you travelling to your destination and then join you on your adventure while the car stays in the car park.  A nice feature of the Reco is that…

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  • Vantrue N1 Car Dash Camera Review

    The VanTrue N1 Dash Camera is the most compact car camera I’ve ever tried. The box it comes in isn’t massive, so it was a surprise when I opened it to find such a dinky camera inside. As well as the camera you get manuals, a good length power cable and a USB cable. The…

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  • ECEEN 7Watts Solar Backpack Review

    The ECEEN 7Watts Solar Backpack is a good looking backpack with tons of storage space. There are a range of colour options, you’ll see the all black version in the review video. There are 3 main compartments, all of which have lots of sub-compartments to provide lots of different storage options.  On the outside there are bottle…

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    Suaoki Outdoor Portable Pressure Washer Review

    The Suaoki Outdoor Portable Pressure Washer is an interesting product designed for those who enjoy the great outdoors. The idea of the unit is to give you some additional washing power when out and about, powered by your vehicle. It comes in several sections, there is the main pressure washer unit with the motor in and…

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