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We’ve tested out dozens of products over the last few years to bring you review of gadgets to take on the move.

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    DROCON Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone Review

    The Drocon Scouter mini drone isn’t for those looking to take sweeping vista videos with an on-board camera, no, this is for those who want an easy to control and great fun little drone. The compact little drone comes with its own case, the controller. The Scouter folds down into a tiny cube that can…

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  • 61N3GLlaXuL. SL1000 1

    JJRC H47 Foldable Drone Review

    The JJRC H47 drone aims to stand out in the crowded low-cost drone market via a couple of interesting design choices.  The H47 arrives with everything contained in a nice case.  This is handy for storage or for travel, but isn’t necessarily required for using the drone when out and about.  JJRC have made this a very compact…

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  • 61rvds22UL. SL1000 1

    HaloCam C1 Dash Camera Review

    The Halocam dash camera takes an unusual approach to the in car camera market, rather than offering a camera unit with built in screen, such as the Vantrue N1,  the unit is a small, screen less, cylinder that makes use of your smartphone’s screen. In the box you get the camera, long power cable, power…

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  • 61GqctXvQyL. SL1000 1

    ATailorBird Digital Cable Travel Case Organiser Review

    In a world full of the wonders of portable technology comes the problem of the cables and connectors that go with our gadgets and gizmos.  The ATailorBird travel bag aims to help keep your various cables and connectors organised and tidy. It’s available in small, medium or large, the medium is the size being reviewed.  Made from…

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  • 71pBCiYIOL. SL1500 1

    DROCON Traveler Beginner Drone Review

    The DROCON Traveler Beginner Drone is an easy to fly quadcopter that manages to stay fairly stable, surprising given the low price point. In the box you get the main drone body, an optional camera, remote control, and various replacement parts. It requires some assembly, you’ll need to attached the landing struts (using the included…

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  • 81xvKEOamFL. SL1500 1

    MIO MiVue Drive 55 sat nav and dash camera review

    Between the big boys of TomTom and Garmin and the low cost smart phone route you have to do something a little different to stand out in the sat nav market and Mio hope the innovative integration of a dash camera into a sat nav will do just that. It’s certainly a first for this…

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  • 20161214105754 145091

    FuriBee F36 RC Quadcopter Review

    The FuriBee F36 quadcopter is a really fun little drone that is really low cost. In the box you get the F36, a charging cable, one battery for the F36, a screwdriver, remote and four replacement propellers. The screwdriver is required to fit batteries into the remote (3xAAA).  The F36 arrived with it’s battery pre…

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  • 51PfKF508eL1

    STM Bags Radial Laptop Bag Review

    If you carry your laptop around with you a good quality bag is a must, the STM Bags Radial Laptop Bag has a few tricks in it’s storage compartments to set it apart from it’s rivals. It’s available in 3 colours, black, Moroccan blue and steel.  You’ll see the steel version in the video review…

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  • 71SCiR1YTFL. SL1500 1

    AUKEY DR-01 Dash Camera Review

    The AUKEY DR-01 dash camera is a fairly standard offering for a sub-£100 dash camera. Along with the DR-01 you get a power cable, an in car charger with 2 USB ports, cable tidies, and two mounts.  One of the mounts is a stick pad mount, the other is a suction mount. The power cable…

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  • 61FgV75bpDL. SL1001 1

    DD1018DT in car DVD and multimedia system review

    The DD1018DT in car multimedia system seems like it should be a great idea, a DVD player strapped to the back of a tablet that you can mount in car. The tablet side of things is 10.1″, a good size for the back of the car. Having a built in DVD player makes this bulkier than…

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