Creatck 8″ Ring Light Review

Creatck 8" LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand


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Creatck 8″ Ring Light Review
Creatck 8″ Ring Light Review
Low cost
Can be powered by a power bank
3 different light modes

I may not be a beauty blogger but I do appreciate good lighting in videos and the Creatck ring light aims to provide you with just that.

It’s a low cost 8″ (20.3cm) ring light designed for use with mobiles but can be used with cameras if you get creative with your setup. Creatck includes a tripod stand for the light, a separate stand for your mobile, and a bendy arm stand that allows you to mount the mobile in the centre of the light.

You don’t have to use the included tripod, it can be mounted on any standard tripod. There isn’t anything wrong with the included tripod, it’s a cheap plastic model with extendable legs which is ideal for popping on a table at the right level to record you when sitting down.

Creatck 8
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Rather than providing just a single light mode, Creatck includes 3 light modes: hard white light, soft white, and warm yellow with each mode capable of 10 brightness levels.

Mobiles can be easily mounted in the centre making this an ideal accessory for those looking to start out making beauty videos.

As I film using a camera I had to get a little creative. I removed the mobile flexi-mount and rather than use the bundled tripod I fitted the ring light to a bracket that allows 2 items to be mounted on my K&F tripod, on one end I had the ring light, at the other end was a Canon 80D.

You’ll see in the review video the setup worked well, lighting looked good with excellent catch light in the eyes.

It’s a relatively inexpensive light and it feels it, an all-plastic construction makes this feel like a very low cost/quality product. However, it does the job and would be a good starting point before investing in higher quality/higher priced equipment.

7 Total Score
Let there be (catch) light!

A low cost, portable, ring light

  • Low cost
  • Can be powered by a power bank
  • 3 different light modes
  • Accessories low quality
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