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  • By: Mark J Draper
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Amazon is one of the biggest online shopping sites in the world and if you’re an Amazon seller I bet you’ve often wondered how you can get product reviews, and not just text and photos but videos.

How do you get video reviews on Amazon? You can ask customers who purchase your product to leave a video review, or you can contact an on site affilliate to request they make a video review, usually in return for a non returnable sample of your product.

How you go about this is important, I get a lot of suppliers contacting me with a template email offering PayPal refunds in exchange for ‘honest 5-star Amazon reviews’. These offers arrive in my inbox regularly and my reply is always the same: You should be trying to learn how to naturally gain quality customer feedback by providing a great product and excellent service.

TIP: If you’re concerned a product might have fake reviews I recommend checking it out on Fakespot, a website that can analyse data from many major websites (e.g. Amazon or Walmart) to determine how likely it is the customer reviews are honest.

To gain customer reviews you need to sell your product, and that’s where adding a video demonstrating/reviewing your product can be a huge help.

In 2019 Amazon contacted me regarding the reviews I publish on YouTube, they asked if I’d upload reviews to and link them to the products I featured, which meant my videos would show up on the product page, in the related video section, for example on the Nintendo Ring Fit product page:

This video is independent of any customer review submitted, it doesn’t impact the product review score and isn’t counted as a customer review. However, it does give potentially shoppers valuable insight into the product they’re looking at and helping them make an informed buying decision on more than just a written description and some photos.

At the time of writing, you will only find this on, although the long term plans are to roll this out to other country websites. It makes a lot of sense, rather than a buyer leaving the site to look at a review on YouTube, and potentially be directed to buy from a competitor which would have a negative impact on Amazon, customers can now see a video review of the product they’re interested in on the Amazon product page.

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When you think about it this is a simple idea but it certainly seems to be best for customers, Amazon and sellers. To avoid a wave of fake reviews the ability to upload a related video is strictly limited and each video is checked for quality before being published.

Although Amazon haven’t shared any figures with me they have indicated they’re pleased with the increase in sales they’ve seen for products with a video.

How to get a product video

Are you a seller on Amazon that would like to benefit from a video review of your products? It can be easily arranged, just fill out the review request form below and I’ll get back to you via email to make the arrangements. Keep in mind the following:

  • A positive review isn’t guaranteed, both positives and negatives will be discussed in the review.
  • I don’t do anything that shows as an ‘Amazon verified’ purchase.
  • You must post a free sample directly, requests using a PayPal refund will be automatically rejected.
  • The video review will be made in the UK but currently published on, not