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  • By: Mark J Draper
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Instagram is a hugely popular social media platform with millions of active users and it’s growing at an incredible rate, with new accounts being created every second of the day! If you’ve a relatively small account you are probably wondering how to gain more followers and what the best Instagram growth tool is.

Instoo is a web based Instagram growth tool that helps your to organically grow your account by simulating your interaction with Instagram.  It watches stories, likes and follows accounts as you, giving you the appearance of a highly engaged user and resulting in your content being promoted and more followers gained.

In addition to Instagram, Instoo includes tools to help automate TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Tinder, however I’ve only used it for Instagram.

Instoo Works

Let’s get right to it, I’ve been using Instoo on an account that had stagnated at just under 300 followers, and as of writing this Instoo has almost doubled the follower count to just under 600 followers.

It’s worth mentioning it’s currently not operating at full speed, until you have 1000 followers it keeps things to a slower pace, but speeds up interactions once the account grows.

It does this by interacting with real users on your behalf.  You feed it a list of accounts that are similar to yours, as well as key hashtags, and then leave it running on your computer.

It’s important to feed it the correct type of target accounts, they should be accounts that are simlar to yours and aren’t too big.  Instoo interacts with the account and followers of the account in order to generate interest in your account.


It does this via a Chrome extension, you don’t need to use any proxies because it runs on your home computer on your home internet connection.

Other Instagram growth tools require proxies because they run from outside your network or even from inside your own network but not through your router. This means that if someone, i.e. Instagram, were to look into your traffic they would see all sorts of weird stuff going on which can be very hard to explain away and can result in your account getting banned.

With Instoo there isn’t anything suspicious about its activity, so anyone looking will think nothing of it.

Things to be aware of:

  • You need to be logged in to the Instagram account on a computer
  • You shouldn’t use the Instagram app when Instoo is running
  • You can only run this on one Instagram account at a time
  • You can run the other social media growth tools at the same time

If you’re looking to publish to Instagram you can use a tool such as Publr while Instoo is running.

Instoo runs for 10 hours then automatically shuts off.  Each day it sends an email report listing the actions that have been taken (e.g. number of stories watched) and also a log of the accounts it’s taken actions on (e.g. Watch Story from X, liked Y).

Instoo Pricing

If you’re ready to super charge your growth you can do so via one of 2 plans:

$9.99 per month – 3 social profiles

$79.99 per year – 10 social profiles

BUT WAIT! I don’t pay either of those, I managed to bag an Instoo LIFETIME deal from AppSumo.

That’s right, a single payment gets you a growth tool you can use for years to come without paying any additional monthly/yearly fees.

I don’t know how long this offer will be available, if so grab it while you can.