Dragon Touch E70 7″ Phablet Review

The Dragon Touch E70 is a 7″ phablet powered by a quad core processor.

Included with the E70 are some instructions, power supply and USB cable.  As with other Android devices, the E70 is easy to setup, taking just a couple of minutes to power up, connect to wifi and add the accounts you’d like to access.

In use the Dragon Touch E70 works well for a budget device, the screen looks good with decent viewing angles, although at times it can be very reflective.

Games run really well, with the E70 motoring through 3D racing games and 3rd person games without any problems at all.

The E70 comes with 2 cameras, the rear 5MP camera is just OK, it’ll take a decent snap although be aware it is best to make sure it’s in focus. The video quality is fine for the price.

Dragon Touch E70 example photo 1 Dragon Touch E70 example photo 2 Dragon Touch E70 example photo 3 Dragon Touch E70 example photo 4






The battery is fixed into the E70, it isn’t user swappable although there is a little panel on the back that opens up and that gives you access to the micro-SD slot and the two SIM card slots. It uses the standard sized SIM (i.e. the large one), so you’ll need a SIM adapter if you want to use a micro or nano SIM.

For the price this is a good little tablet for everyday use.

Available on Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1Ppjjtw and Amazon com: http://amzn.to/1PpjqFw

5 / 5 stars     

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