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The Edifier S50DB Soundbar is aimed at those with a big TV who want a big sound to match. Taking it out of the box you’ll find a lovely looking speaker that ditches the usual black plastic look in favor of a wooden finish. It’s got a small screen on the front that tells you the input channel and volume level. Under that is the volume control that is also a push button input selector. You don’t need to use the front panel button all the time, a round remote is included.  It does the job, but the round style is awkward in the hand, it doesn’t feel as natural to use as a rectangular remote. In terms of inputs you’ve got Optical, Coaxial, Line in, Aux In and Bluetooth.  There is also a sub out option if you want to add an additional subwoofer for even more bass. The S50DB Soundbar can either sit on a TV stand or it can be wall mounted, with mounting bracket and screws included in the box. If you’re not wall mounting, setup is really quick.  Just plug in your source and power up the soundbar.  Additionally you can connect via Bluetooth, handy if you want to play some tunes from your phone or tablet. If you’re currently using your TV speakers you’ll find the S50DB soundbar gives you a massive improvement, vocals are clear, there’s a good bass, and you’re given great results from movies, music or games.  Check out the comparison in the below review video for a demo of the S50DB vs TV speakers. The Edifier S50DB soundbar is available now from: Amazon.co.uk: httpss://amzn.to/2NT5NnS Amazon.com: httpss://amzn.to/2S3QyMh Amazon.ca: httpss://amzn.to/2PQSGWo eBay: httpss://ebay.to/2D0r91M

How Does the Edifier S880DB Compare to the S50DB Soundbar?

When reading an Edifier S880DB review article, you’ll find that it’s a powerful bookshelf speaker system with Bluetooth connectivity, while the S50DB is a soundbar. The S880DB offers more versatility and a wider soundstage, making it a top choice for audiophiles and music lovers looking for premium sound quality.

Edifier S50DB Soundbar Video Review


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