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Have you ever wondered how Samsung TV Plus manages to offer its extensive content library without any subscription fees or hidden costs?

The concept of a truly free streaming service might seem too good to be true at first glance. However, as you explore the inner workings of Samsung TV Plus and understand its business model, you'll uncover the secrets behind its cost-free nature.

Discover the key elements that make Samsung TV Plus a unique and accessible platform worth exploring further.

Key Takeaways

  • Samsung TV Plus is free with no subscription fees, credit card requirements, or contracts.
  • Accessible on Samsung devices without additional downloads or subscriptions.
  • Offers diverse content categories and personalized viewing experiences.
  • Continuously expanding globally, adding new content, and enhancing features without extra costs.

What Is Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus, a free ad-supported video streaming platform by Samsung, provides access to over 250 live TV channels and on-demand content. Launched in 2015, it transitioned from a rental-based model to an ad-supported service following the AVOD revenue model. Users can enjoy the plethora of content without the burden of subscription fees, credit card requirements, contracts, or setup fees.

Samsung TV Plus comes pre-installed on many Samsung smart TVs, ensuring easy access for users at no additional cost. This platform caters to those seeking a wide range of entertainment options without the financial commitment typically associated with streaming services. By offering a diverse selection of live channels and on-demand content, Samsung TV Plus aims to create a seamless and cost-effective viewing experience for its users.

The platform's commitment to being truly free underscores its dedication to providing accessible and engaging entertainment for all.

How to Access Samsung TV Plus?

To access Samsung TV Plus, simply turn on your compatible Samsung smart TV or mobile device, and select the Samsung TV Plus app from the menu.

The service is pre-installed, so there's no need for any additional downloads or subscriptions.

Once you're in, you can easily set up your account, browse through the available channels, and find your favorite content to enjoy.

Accessing Samsung TV Plus

Access Samsung TV Plus effortlessly on various Samsung devices and platforms without any additional fees or subscriptions required.

The Samsung TV Plus app comes pre-installed on most Samsung smart TVs, ensuring easy access to the free streaming platform. Moreover, you can watch Samsung TV Plus on Galaxy smartphones and tablets through a dedicated app.

This service extends to web browsers, Samsung Smart Monitors, and select Samsung Family Hub refrigerators. With no extra costs, subscriptions, or credit card details needed, accessing a wide array of channels on Samsung TV Plus is hassle-free.

The web version, introduced in May 2021, further expands accessibility, providing another convenient route to enjoy the diverse content offered by Samsung TV Plus.

Setting up Account

Transitioning smoothly from accessing Samsung TV Plus, setting up an account allows for personalization and enhanced features on the platform without any additional steps required. When setting up your account, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Personalize Experience: Tailor your viewing by setting favorite channels and creating reminders.
  2. Channel Customization: Customize the channel lineup to suit your preferences.
  3. Content Recommendations: Receive curated content suggestions based on your viewing history.
  4. Ad-Supported Streaming: Enjoy the free streaming service with ads, eliminating the need for subscription fees or credit card information.

Finding Favorite Channels

When exploring Samsung TV Plus, finding your favorite channels is effortless as you navigate through the pre-installed app on your Samsung smart TV or mobile device. With a variety of genres like news, sports, and entertainment available in the channel lineup, you can easily discover channels that cater to your preferences.

The user-friendly interface of Samsung TV Plus features a channel guide layout, simplifying the selection process. This layout allows you to customize your viewing experience by setting up personalized favorite channels.

Best of all, this service is free of charge, providing you with a tailored and enjoyable entertainment experience without any additional costs. Enjoy a wide array of channels and create your personalized lineup with Samsung TV Plus.

Samsung TV Plus Content Offerings

Samsung TV Plus offers a diverse array of content categories, ensuring there's something for everyone, whether you enjoy news, sports, entertainment, movies, or music.

You can explore popular channels across these genres, providing a well-rounded viewing experience catered to your preferences.

Content Categories

Curious about the diverse range of content categories available on Samsung TV Plus? Here are some key categories you can explore on the platform:

  1. News: Stay informed with a variety of news channels offering the latest updates locally and globally.
  2. Sports: Catch live games, sports analysis, and highlights from a range of sports channels to satisfy your athletic interests.
  3. Movies: Enjoy on-demand movies spanning different genres, from action-packed blockbusters to heartwarming dramas.
  4. Music & Entertainment: Immerse yourself in the world of music and entertainment with channels showcasing concerts, music videos, and engaging shows.

Samsung TV Plus offers a wide array of content to cater to your preferences, all available for free.

Popular Channels

With a myriad of popular channels covering news, sports, entertainment, movies, and music, Samsung TV Plus offers viewers a diverse selection of content for free access. Samsung TV Plus provides over 500 channels globally, varying by region, ensuring a broad range of options for TV streaming enthusiasts.

Major networks, niche content providers, and exclusive partnerships contribute to the rich array of channels available on Samsung TV Plus. Users can enjoy watching on Samsung TV models that support Samsung TV, accessing a mix of live TV channels and on-demand content without any subscription fees.

The platform's continuous addition of new channels and content keeps viewers engaged, offering a dynamic and ever-expanding selection of movies and shows.

Devices Compatible With Samsung TV Plus

Compatible devices for Samsung TV Plus include a wide range of Samsung smart TVs from 2016 onwards, Galaxy smartphones, tablets, and even select Samsung Family Hub refrigerators and Smart Monitors.

  1. Samsung Smart TVs: Samsung TV Plus is designed to work seamlessly with Samsung smart TVs released from 2016 onwards, ensuring an extensive range of supported devices for an enhanced viewing experience.
  2. Galaxy Smartphones and Tablets: Users can enjoy Samsung TV Plus on their Galaxy smartphones and tablets through a dedicated mobile app, providing the flexibility to catch up on their favorite shows on-the-go.
  3. Web Version: The web version of Samsung TV Plus, launched in May 2021, allows users to access the service from their computers, offering an additional way to enjoy content.
  4. Family Hub Refrigerators and Smart Monitors: Samsung TV Plus extends its compatibility to select Samsung Family Hub refrigerators and Smart Monitors, catering to users looking for innovative ways to access entertainment throughout their homes.

Exploring Samsung TV Plus Features

To further enhance your viewing experience with Samsung TV Plus, let's explore the diverse range of features this platform offers. Samsung TV Plus is a streaming service that provides access to over 500 channels globally, encompassing news, sports, entertainment, movies, and music channels. With this service, you can watch shows on demand, giving you the flexibility to enjoy content at your convenience. One of the key features of Samsung TV Plus is the ability for users to customize their channel lineup by removing unwanted channels, tailoring the viewing experience to their preferences.

Moreover, Samsung TV Plus is available on Samsung smart TVs, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for users with compatible devices. The Channel List offered by Samsung TV Plus showcases the wide array of content available, catering to diverse interests. This service is accessible in 24 countries, making it a global platform for entertainment enthusiasts to enjoy a variety of content on their Samsung smart TVs.

Maximizing the Free Experience

Maximizing your free viewing experience on Samsung TV Plus involves exploring the diverse range of content genres available without any subscription fees. Here are four ways to make the most of the ad-supported channels and content:

  1. Discover New Genres: Take advantage of the wide array of genres such as news, sports, entertainment, movies, and music channels to explore content you may not have considered watching before.
  2. Create a Personalized Playlist: Utilize the platform's features to create a playlist of your favorite channels and content, ensuring you always have quick access to what you enjoy watching.
  3. Stay Updated: Tune into news channels to stay informed about current events without incurring any additional costs, making Samsung TV Plus a convenient source of information.
  4. Explore Niche Channels: Delve into niche channels that cater to specific interests you have, broadening your TV viewing experience beyond mainstream content offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Samsung TV Plus Really Free?

Yes, Samsung TV Plus is truly free. There are no hidden costs, subscriptions, or limited content. It's ad-supported, offering over 500 channels without fees. Premium channels are included, and customer support is available. Enjoy international availability too.

Is There a Guide for Samsung TV Plus?

Yes, there is a user-friendly guide for Samsung TV Plus. It offers easy channel selection, showcases diverse content, and allows you to set reminders for shows. The guide enhances your viewing experience by providing a comprehensive overview of available channels.

What Is the Point of Samsung TV Plus?

For Samsung TV Plus, the main focus lies in offering a diverse content selection, enhancing the value proposition of Samsung devices. Users enjoy a seamless user experience with the free service, supported by an advertising model that targets specific audiences.

How Do I Get the Full TV Guide on My Samsung TV?

Want to access the full TV guide on your Samsung TV? Press the Guide button on your remote. Easily navigate through available channels and filter by categories. Discover upcoming shows and never miss your favorites.


In conclusion, Samsung TV Plus truly offers a remarkable and cost-free streaming experience for users. By providing a wide range of live TV channels and on-demand content without any subscription fees, Samsung has made entertainment easily accessible to all.

So next time you're looking for a convenient and free streaming option, remember Samsung TV Plus has got you covered. Take advantage of this incredible service and enjoy endless hours of entertainment at your fingertips.

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