Jiffypix – The quickest way to generate social posts?

  • By: Mark J Draper
  • Time to read: 5 min.
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Coming up with regular social media posts can be a time-consuming process that could do with a little help. Enter Jiffypix, an online tool that aims to make the creation of ‘fresh visual content’ in just a few clicks.

Jiffypix has recently launched a deal on AppSumo: https://appsumo.8odi.net/0JOb9P that gives you 100 image downloads a month for a 1 time charge.

Generate content in a Jiffy(pix)

When I was contacted and asked if I’d review the software my first thought was that this was a competitor to the recently reviewed Predis, but after using the software for a while this is a much simpler offering.

When you log in you’re presented with a start screen, it’s very simple to get started you just enter what you want your post to be about and hit create.

For example, let’s enter ‘have you tried online learning?’. Jiffypix returns 10 suggested posts using this input, smartly suggesing images that are relevant to the text entered. In this example you can see it’s selected ‘learning’ as the Image search keyword.

Generated suggestions give you a mixture of images and styles, not all are relevant but it’s a good starting point.

If you’re happy with one or more of the suggestions you can hit the download button and share it out. At the time of review, there is no inbuilt social media scheduler, Instagram and Facebook integration is in progress and Linkedin and Pinterest direct posting is on the roadmap.

Alternativly you can now add additional customisation:

  • Pre-heading
  • Sub-heading
  • Signature
  • Logo

While this is a great way to further personalise the posts, it’s frustrating that when you add any of these and hit apply they’re not applied to the existing suggestions, you get 10 new suggestions.

In fact there is no way to easily edit posts, the closest thing you can do is to tell Jiffypix to ‘use this background image’ and then generate further options. Like the social media integration, this functionality is on the roadmap.

If you have a logo you’d like to use you’ll need to upload it, and if you do that on the content creation page you’re taken away from any existing suggestions to upload the file, which means anything you’ve generated so far is lost.

At the time of review, you can add different logos, but there is no way to tell Jiffypix if it is suitable for light or dark backgrounds. This often results in post suggestions that look good apart from the logo.

On the plus side, there are a wide range of suggestions with good-looking photos thanks to integration wtih Pixabay and the roadmap suggests a lot of the frustrating processes have already been identified and will be addressed with future updated.

When it comes to downloading an image you’re prompted to select the size.

This is a very odd workflow, up until this point you’re working with a square image, it’s only at the point of using up a credit do you get to choose a different format and there is no preview to ensure it looks good, you just have to download and hope for the best.

Click on each image above to see the full example. I’d have liked to be able to adjust the image crop to include more of the person, fortunately in this case each version looks OK.

Downloading seems to be rather problematic. I’ve experienced a number of times when I press the download button and it says ‘downloading’…but nothing happens. I’ve also experienced a message telling me I’ve used all credits, when I haven’t, waiting a few moments and trying again seems to solve both issues.

Fortunatly any image you download is automatically added a library,

Community inspiration

A unique feature of Jiffypix is the ability to tap into a community of creators. The community library shows you what other people have created and you can use these for inspiration of your own posts.

Jiffypix Price

The AppSumo deal gives you 100 images per month for 1 code, 200 images for 2 codes and unlimited images for 3 codes.

Fortunately it doesn’t mean generating 100 suggestions, it means downloading a completed image.

Once the offer is over, there look to be two monthly plans to choose from, starter ($27 a month) and Plus ($49 a month).

Jiffypix vs Predis

At the top of the review I said my initial thought was Jiffypix was similar to Predis, also on AppSumo. After using both for a while I’ve revised this thinking, Jiffypix is more like an alpha version of Predis.

While both allow you to generate content for your social media accounts the process is far more complete in Predis:

  • Enter a description about you/your business;
  • AI generate social media posts with text, descriptions and hashtag suggestions;
  • Posts are fully editable;
  • Posts can be scheduled for posting within Predis.

Here’s how the deal offer stacks up:

1 Code$79
100 images per month
60 posts per month
2 Code$158
500 images per month
120 posts per month
3 Code$237
Unlimited images per month
180 posts per month
Edit imagesNo, at time of reviewYes
Brand/client workspacesNo, at time of reviewYes
Social media schedulerNo, at time of reviewYes
Generate image suggestionsYesYes
Generate text suggestionsNo, at time of reviewYes
Generate hashtag suggestionsNo, at time of reviewYes
Jiffypix vs Predis

Although the limits are lower on Predis, the price is lower and there are a LOT more features. It’s a more mature and polished product that you can easily make use of now.

Jiffypix has potential, but in the current state it feels like an incomplete offering, one that still has bugs in it (e.g. I had problems downloading finished images), and so it’s one that you are buying where you’re only really going to benefit from in another 6 months when further updates have been rolled out.

Jiffypix is available via: https://appsumo.8odi.net/0JOb9P

Predis is available via: https://appsumo.8odi.net/yRjEGb

If you’re an Appsumo Plus member you can get a discounted version via: https://appsumo.8odi.net/3PO2JX