Don’t miss these AppSumo Deals

  • By: Mark J Draper
  • Time to read: 3 min.
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After the crazy Black Friday and Christmas period things went a little quiet over at AppSumo, but it’s a new year and there are some very interesting new deals to be checked out.


Ligna is an all in one sales and marketing platform that aims to be the single central location you use to run your business. The list of features is both impressive and overwhelming!

  • Host unlimited websites, funnels and blogs
  • Create unlimited projects for task management
  • Full VoIP system with unlimited voice minutes
  • Email sending system (for marketing/funnel emails)
  • Course hosting
  • Social media scheduling
  • Analytics for your website, calls, emails, social media

I’m sure there are even more features than this, I’m still attempting to get my head around such an incredible tool!

The owner is active and has created a Facebook group to collect feedback and answer questions. Initially the system was very US focused, e.g. you could only get an American VoIP number and had to contact support for a UK number, but that has recently been changed and it’s now a lot more friendly to those of us outside America.

The limits and pricing are very generous, even if you just get a single code you get all the above and 5 VoIP numbers you can use for your business.

I can see this deal being very useful in a range of cases, from running your own business to being an agency and setting up and charging others for using the platform.

Blurweb App

If you do any sort of screen recording or live-streaming, you’ll know the pain of spotting some sensitive information you don’t wish to share with the world. That’s where this cleaver Chrome extension comes in, it helps you blur out sensitive information with a single click.

This is great if you make a lot of videos and you want to hide information such as:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • API keys
  • Home address

If I have any of this information in my screen recordings, I have to blur it out when editing the video, which is a real pain. So this presents a neat, low cost, time saving solution.


Text to speech has been around for decades, I remember getting my Amiga 1200 computer to speak in a very robotic voice that wouldn’t ever pass as human. VistaSpeech shows just how far we’ve come, the voices are incredible and very difficult to distinguish from human voices.

I’ve been using this to create audiobook versions of online courses, for people that don’t want to read lots of text. The voices are spot on, you’ve 499 to choose from in 82 languages. Some are better than others, fortunatly you can faviourite the ones you use a lot.

The developer has also included a music generator that creates unique, commercially licensed, music you can use in the background of your voice over.

And they’re not stopping there! Right now they’re developing and gathering feedback on video avatars. Imagine being able to create a video where you can get a human to say whatever you like, without paying for actors or voice over artists, and that’s what they’re going for with this software.

WP Buzz WordPress Hosting

Finally I have to mention the brilliant WP Buzz hosting team. I switched to them last year and have never looked back. They specialise in only hosting WordPress websites and this 1 year deal gives you the ability to host a very generious 50 WordPress sites.

Reasons I love them:

  • Unlimiited SSD space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • UK or US data centres
  • Free global CDN
  • Automatic Daily backups
  • Unlimited 10GB email addresses
  • Great customer support (have tested that one a lot over the last year!)

It’s a 1-year deal, which I think is very sensible as I wouldn’t trust a company that offers so much forever for a single price.

I personally use them for a number of websites and have no complaints, they’re much better than my previous hosts (TSOHosts).