Nooie Cam 360 Review

  • By: Mark J Draper
  • Time to read: 3 min.
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This low-cost Nooie Cam 360 helps monitor your chosen area by rotating to track detected motion.

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I’ve reviewed a lot of home security cameras, and they all tend to be similar unmoving slabs with wide angle lenses. I recently tested one that could rotate around to see more of the area.

The Nooie Cam 360 has this feature but adds the camera controlling the rotation ability, 355° horizontally and 94° vertically.  On some Amazon listings this is suggested as a baby monitor and so it makes sense you could pop this in the corner of a room and be able to watch your little one no matter where they are. 

When unboxing you’ll find the 360 cam, quick start guide, power supply (mains powered) and accessories to mount it on a wall/ceiling.

This is designed for indoor use only, it connects to your network via WiFi and the overall style is subtle enough to position it on a shelf and forget about it.

Setup was very simple, download the app, create an account, follow the on screen instructions to add your new security cam and and connect it to your wirelss network and you’re soon up and running. You may need to update the camera firmware as part of the process, this doesn’t take long.

If you set up motion detection the app will notify you when movement passes through the area of vision, be sure to consider if you want notification on if it’s located in a high traffic area else your mobile will be getting a lot of notifications (you can disable them).

Motion Detection OpenCV Python with...
Motion Detection OpenCV Python with Source Code | Python Projects with Source Code

The device footage to a microSD card (not included) which is inserted under the camera lens. As with similar products you have the option to pay for cloud storage. The price depends on how many days storage (on the Amazon Web Service platform) you’d like and if you’d pay monthly or yearly:

Days StorageMontly Cost

At the time of review the app has a yearly option but no prices listed, the monthly prices had been discounted (I assume to the yearly amount without having to pay for a full year there and then).

You view footage via your mobile, this also lets you watch the feed live and control the movement. If you see something you want to save you can either save a section of recorded video or take a still image.

Nooie Cam 360 can be manually controlled, panning and tilting around to get the perfect view. If automatic motion tracking is enabled the camera will automatically follow movement, in general it managed this well, even keeping up with fast moving subjects.

The Nooie Cam to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Once connected you can view the camera feed from devices such as the Amazon Echo Show, although when I tried the experience was rather hit-and-miss, sometimes the Show was able to connect to the camera, other times the camera was reported as offline.

Picture quality is good, it has a 1080P full HD camera that automatically switches between day and night mode depending on the level of light in the room.

Sound quality is just OK. You can just about make out what is being said but it’s not always clear and can be out of sync with the video. Audio is two-way, as well as listening to the camera you can speak into your mobile and the camera has a speaker built in.

Nooie have a range of smart devices, the app controlling the camera can also control the Nooie plugs and lights, which is useful if you’re looking to invest in a range of smart home tech but don’t want lots of apps to manage it all.

At the time of review the Nooie Cam is on sale for just £29.99, a very low price for a wireless, easy to use, security cam with such a range of features.

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  • ✪ 360 ° MOTION TRACKING: Automatically senses and tracks the action in your home in full 360°. Nooie Cam 360 has 101° field of view -- rotates 355° horizontally and 94° vertically. Pan and tilt easily with the Nooie App
  • ✪ 1080P HD + SUPERIOR NIGHT VISION: 1080P HD camera lens and two 940nm infrared LEDs. Night vision up to 32ft (10m) in pitch-black. Optional status light.
  • ✪ STYLISH, INTUITIVE, EASY SET UP: Camera and App are easy to install, simple to control, and a breeze to maintain. Compatible with 2.4GHz WiFI network. Download app from App Store or Google Play. Works with Alexa.
  • ✪ MOTION + SOUND DETECTION, TWO-WAY AUDIO: Live streaming 24/7 with real-time motion and sound alerts. Listen and talk to family or pets with built-in anti-noise mic and speaker.
  • ✪SECURE DATA & DATA STORAGE: Continuous or motion-detected recording options. Multiple security protocols to keep your data and privacy secure. Continuous or motion-detected recording options. Micro SD card (buy separately) or cloud subscription service (sign up via Nooie App).