People are using AI to generate short stories and the results are…interesting!

  • By: Mark J Draper
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We recently featured the brilliant Nichesss, an AI tool that can be used to generate content and ideas. As is often the case with new tools a Facebook group has been set up and recently users have posted some interesting results using the tool…AI written short stories!

I’ll get on to how in a moment, let’s just take a moment to check out some examples.

Short stories created by AI:

Once upon a time a cat and a robot

As the cradle rocked, and the fire crackled, and the kitten snoozed, a robot appeared at the door of the cottage. It was battered, dented and dirty. The cat looked up from its knitting and let out an irritated meow. “Shoo,” said the cat. “Go away. I’m busy, and you’re not welcome here.” A robot appeared at the door of the cottage. It was battered, dented and dirty. The cat looked up from its knitting and let out an irritated meow. “Shoo,” said the cat. “Go away. I’m busy, and you’re not welcome

The birthday pizza

When my birthday came around, I was very excited. But, I was also hungry. When I arrived at my friend’s house, he and his family were busy preparing food. As we were eating, I noticed a box with a huge, round pink object in it. What could that be?, I thought. When the cake was finally ready, my friend took out the biggest pizza I had ever seen from the box, and cut it up into slices. It was the most perfect pizza I had ever seen! “What did you wish for?” my friend asked. “I wished that I could eat this pizza forever,” I said.

Pig in space

When I was 5 years old, my grandparents told me that they heard that the Russians sent a “pig in space” during the Cold War. I thought this was a lie, but now I know that it is true. They told me that I should ask my parents, because they would know. I asked my parents, and they told me that it is true, and that they have seen pictures of it. But they said that they aren’t sure what the pig was doing there. They don’t know if it was just sitting in space or if it was doing something more. After hearing this story, I asked my grandparents how the pig got back to Earth. They told me that they don’t know.

The moon and the president

Deep in a cave on a mountain, a man is sitting. He is looking at the night sky at the moon. The man is the President of the United States. He is thinking about the moon. He is thinking about the moon a lot. He thinks about the moon when he wakes up in the morning. He thinks about the moon when he has breakfast. He thinks about the moon when he has lunch. He thinks about the moon at dinner. He thinks about the moon when he goes to bed. He thinks about the moon all the time.

The magic fish adventure

Once upon a time, there was a fish who liked to swim. Then one day, a man entered the river and caught him. The man put the fish in a net and put the fish in a bucket. He brought the fish to his house and put him in a tank in the kitchen. The fish had never seen the ocean and was very sad. One day, his owner put him in a bucket in his car and drove the fish to the ocean. The fish was so excited and happy, he jumped out of the bucket and into the ocean. And that’s the end of this story.

Doctor Who and the ball of bands

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10 AI Content Writing Tools

Long before he was a Time Lord, the Doctor was a little boy with a very big imagination, which manifested itself in the form of the ball of bands. It all started when Clara Oswin Oswald first met the Doctor, who was just an ordinary boy. She played with him using the ball of bands, which would fly around and turn into a spaceship, a dinosaur, a giant, a dog, and many things that the Doctor dreamed. The ball of bands was a physical manifestation of the Doctor’s imagination. The ball was an object that Clara believed was magic, and it was able to change shape and form based on the Doctor’s thoughts and feelings.

Harry Potter and the Ford Focus

While walking down Hogwart’s street, Harry Potter was struck with a sudden panic. He had forgotten to bring along his magic Ford Focus. Harry Potter had been quite fond of his car, and it was an unfortunate accident that he had left it behind. Harry Potter’s brain began to race as he contemplated his options…

How to generate AI short stories

These fun little stories were generated using the brilliant Nichesss. At the time of writing you can grab the lifetime deal via this AppSumo deal: (affiliate link).

When you log in you’re presented with a range of options the AI writer can help you with, under Custom Content pick Blog.

The blog tool will ask what you would like to be part of the plan, pick ‘Blog Post Intro’.

This will open up the form where the magic happens. Experiment with the answers, here’s an example I filled out. Your aim is to enter some prompts that will be used by system to generate a short story.

When you hit generate you’ll need to wait less than a minute before getting a couple of results.

If you’re not keen on either you can generate more via the “+ ADD MORE …” button. This also allows you to try different words or a different title. Let’s change just the title of the story.

And these are the new results:

It takes very little time to generate results and it’s good fun to play around with. This isn’t the intended use of the tool, if you purchase it you’ll actually have a great way to generate blog intros, video ideas, and social media messages.

Want to learn more? Check out the current deal available via: (affiliate link)