Struggling for social media posts? Predis has your back

  • By: Mark J Draper
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Coming up with posts for social media can be really tricky, especially if you’ve not got great design or photography skills. What if AI could be used to design a social media post and write a caption for your specific industry? uses the power of AI to help you create fresh and engaging content every day based on a 1 line description about your business.

I’ve tested AI products before, I used ContentBot to help create a company and Inksprout to summerise articles for social media sharing, would Predis be a useful addition to my AI toolbox? Review Video

How does Predis work?

When you first sign up you’ll be asked to provide a one line description of your business. It’s worth spending some time considering this, the better the description, the better the posts that are generated.

You can then set the number of post themes, selecting from promotional, educational, behind the scenes, contest, polls, surprise me and expert interview.

Hitting the generate button will put the AI to work creating you 4 potential Instagram posts. At the time of review this is only focused on Instagram, other social media posts are planned for future development.

After a few minutes of thinking the AI will show you 4 new suggest posts, with images and captions.

Use AI to generate Instagram posts ...
Use AI to generate Instagram posts - Review

At the top of each post is the ‘thinking’ behind it, for example an educational post listing 10 tech accessories that every student must have or a behind the scenes post of a YouTuber shooting a video.

The middle section is a suggested image, below that a suggested caption. These can both be edited on site, and you likely will want to edit them to get them perfect for your brand.

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Predis Editor

A great feature is that although you’re presented with 4 post options, each has a selection of suggested images. When you click enter you can take a look to see if there are more suitable options. For example, the 10 accessories suggestion doesn’t have much of a technology based image, press edit and you can see alternaitve options.

You can upload your own images and can even edit images via an inbult editing tool. This allows you to easily make adjustments to the image/text colours.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to add your logo and set your brand colours and font everytime, there is a brand management panel that allows you to set that once and the AI will use those settings when it generates your next batch of posts.

AI written captions and hashtags

The suggested captions can be hit and miss, but I like that they give you a starting point, they’re not going to be the finished caption but they are a first draft for you to tinker with and make your own. As wioth the images you get an alternative caption to consider and can generate more if you need additional inspiration.

It will also try and suggest relevant hashtags for the post and it does a good job of coming up with suggestions. I really like the hashtag feature as it doesn’t just show you a list of them, it also gives you the data behind each one so you can make your selection based on how many existing posts use it.

As you change the captions or hashtags, the post preview will be automatically updated so you can see how your post should look.

The final section of the editor gives you suggestions for how your post can be improved. I’m no Instagram expert so this guidance is very useful to me.

Predis content calendar

As well as generating your posts, Predis will create a content calendar suggesting when they should be posted to Instagram.

At the time of review Predis doesn’t actually schedule and post them to your account, in stead you can export your post ideas in a format that can be imported into Publer, SocialBee, Socialmonials or Metricool (all previous AppSumo deals).

The file contains everything you need to schedule the posts, when imported into your scheduler of choice it will know when to post, the image, caption and hashtags.

What does Predis mean?

Choice of URL is always interesting, Predis sounds like a word of some sort but what does it mean?

We wanted a work similar to Predict which also had a .ai domain available with it. Hence made this up 😅

Tanmay Ratnaparkhe, creator of Predis

Mystery solved!

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