The best portable blender? Blendjet 2 Review

  • By: Mark J Draper
  • Time to read: 7 min.
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With a score of 4.1 out of 5 on Trustpilot and a rapid rise to America’s second biggest blender brand the Blendjet 2 enters the UK market having been tried, tested and approved by thousands already.

Is Blendjet 2 good?  Yes Blendjet 2 is an excellent portable blender that can be used to make smoothies on the go.  With a battery good for 15 blends, a self-cleaning design (just add soap/water) and water resistance you get a great travel gadget.

I recently spoke to Ryan Pamplin at a technology summit, and he was so sure his product was better than my existing Nutri Ninja he sent me one to try out along with accessories that form part of the evolving ecosystem he’s building.

The BlendJet 2 is the latest offering from BlendJet, a company that specializes in portable smoothie makers. Smoothies are a healthy alternative to sugary sodas, but they don’t taste that great unless you’re using the right machine. The BlendJet 2 takes everything you loved about the original BlendJet and makes it better.

Does the BlendJet really work

The new model is available in a range of bright colours, I have the summery lemon yellow and it looks fantastic.  There isn’t much in the box, aside from the blender you get a USB-C charging cable and some getting started instructions, that’s really all you need to get started as this has one job it does very well.

Note I said charging cable, it doesn’t come with a plug for a power outlet, you’ll either need to use one you have (e.g. for you mobile) or charge via another device like a laptop or computer.

The unit comes in 3 parts:

  • Base: contains the 6-point stainless steal blades, electric motor, water resistant USB-C charging point and power button
  • Container: added/removed by screwing/unscrewing onto the base
  • Lid: added/removed by screwing/unscrewing onto the container, has a strap to carry this around
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It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge and lasts for about 15 blends.  The power button on the base has a status light around it indicating charge status and troubleshooting issues.  It’s a multifunctional button, press once to start a 20-second cycle, double press to enter pulse mode, press and hold for 3 seconds to enter lock mode for when travelling.

The base can’t be activated without the container attached.  Place your ingredients into the container, add the lid and hit the power button to watch the blades spin up and blend whatever you’ve added.

The container has handy measurements up the side showing both ml and oz.  It can hold 450ml or just over 15oz which is enough for a single serving portion. It’s narrow for easy portability but this also means it can be difficult to get larger pieces of fruit/veg in without a lot of chopping up first.

Does it work? Absolutely! Pop your ingredients in and hit the button and after 20 seconds you have a smoothie ready to drink. 

Can you drink out of a BlendJet?  That’s another yes!  As a portable device you can blend and drink without needing to tip liquids into a separate glass.

It’s a fascinating device to watch, especially as you will likely be using this with ingredients that have vibrant colours such as fruit and veg, you see the colours mixing together and with the liquid you’ve chosen, after around 20 seconds it stops and you’re ready for a tasty beverage.

Can I put ice in my BlendJet?

Yes! You can put ice in the BlendJet 2 and it will smash this up along with your other ingredients.  This is one of the most impressive aspects, I’ve tried other portable blenders and ice is often too much for their motors/blades to handle.  

This also means you can use frozen fruit in your creations, something I’ve only been able to do with traditional blenders that plug into a power outlet.  Adding either ice or frozen fruit makes a real difference to the end product, giving it a lovely chill that’s wonderful on a hot summers day.

How loud is BlendJet?

You’ll be glad to know this portable unit isn’t overly loud, but it isn’t silent either. I checked the volume using a sound measuring app:

  • Normal breathing: c10 decibels
  • Conversation: c50 decibels
  • Blendjet 2: c75 decibels
  • Vaccuum cleaner: 75 decibels
  • Chainsaw: c110 decibels
  • Gunshots/Fireworks: c150 decibels

In use I don’t find it uncomfortable to be around when in use, there wouldn’t be any issue using this outside or in a busy environment (such as an office).

Is it easy to clean?

This is another thing I love about this product, it’s soooo easy to clean!  When you’re ready to clean just pop watch and a drop of soap into the container, activate a motor cycle and when done tip out and rince…that’s it!  

If you have a stubborn stain, maybe some super sticky peanut butter, you can always unscrew the container for a quick hand clean, I’ve only had to do this once and have never needed to put this in a dishwasher.

Accessories and ecosystem

When speaking to Ryan I was impressed with his passion for this product.  Rather than expand into other kitchen gadgets he has driven the company towards an ecosystem of products that support and compliment his core offering.

Recipe book

With a title of “Next-gen blending” and 50 recipes you’re sure to find lots of inspiration in this book.  You don’t often need many ingredients, the book lists the quantity of each and how many cycles to use.  I’ve found these very simple to follow, they use easy to obtain ingredients and best of all if you don’t have the exact food in you can experiment and substitute to make your own Instagram worthy smoothie.

It’s a great book but don’t worry about getting this right away, there are receives available for free to get you started, many sent directly to your inbox.  You can also find many available via the official YouTube channel:


Even though this is a super quick product to use not everyone will want to be prepping fresh ingredients when out and about and that’s where JetPacks come in.  These freeze-dried packs just need to be added to water or milk to create a flavour packing drink.

At the time of review there are 6 different flavours available:

  • Banana Blueberry
  • Tropical Blue
  • Mango Matcha
  • Raspberry Dragon Fruit
  • Mocha Chia
  • Green Peach Ginger

Banana Blueberry is my personal favourite.  Each pack costs £2.95 / $2.99 and if you like them and are having them regularly you can save 25% by setting up a subscription.  For those conscious of packed food potentially being unhealthy it’s worth noting these are gluten free, vegan friendly, have no GMO, artificial flavours or sugars and are listed as a good source of fibre.

Insulated sleeve

The JetSetter Insulated sleeve was a very high quality travel pouch with built in wrist strap and zipper closure. The body is made from water-repellent coated nylon while the lining is made from a durable water-repellent coated polyester fabric, making this very easy to keep clean with just a wip of a damp cloth.

It can only fit the unit in, but is perfect if you want to pop it into a bag.  If you’ve pre-made a drink the thick insulation will help keep it cool.  It’s available in a range of colours and has minimal branding on.

Insulated tote

If you’re looking for something to carry more than the unit you’d do well to check out the JetSetter Insulated Tote bag.  It’s made from the same water-repellent coated nylon and polyester fabric but is designed to act like a mini fridge, allowing you to carry your ingredients and keep them chilled. 

It has a dedicated pocket for the blender and the spacious design could also be used to carry other items such as gym gear.  Don’t want to carry fresh food around?  No problem, it also has space for us to 8 JetPacks.

Where can I purchase?

During our conversation I searched Amazon for the product and was surprised to find it unavailable.  When I asked Ryan about this he explained that nefarious people tried to copy the design and sell inferiour products at a much lower price.  As Amazon hadn’t done enough to remove these copy cat products Ryan decided they shouldn’t benefit from stocking his product.

You can buy directly from and just because Amazon doesn’t have it doesn’t mean that’s the only place you can get it.  The team have set up distribution agreements with a range of retailers, but you can often get some extras thrown in if you buy it direct.

How much does BlendJet 2 cost?

At the time of review you’re looking at a price of around £40 if you take advantage of the current special offer, after that it goes up to just under £80.  It’s worth checking local retail stores as well as the manufacturers site as some places offer just the unit, others also include accessories such as JetPack smoothies.

The Tesla of Blenders?

I’m impressed, not only with the product but the company behind it.  They are product experts looking to other successful companies such as Apple and Tesla to create an original product ecosystem. Heck they even copied Tesla and sent the product to space, you can see video of that on their website.

All the items I tried were high quality and good value for money, especially as the one button design can be used for more than just smoothies, you can make salsa, hummus, pancake batter to name just a few.