XGODY Mate30 Smartphone Review

  • By: Mark J Draper
  • Time to read: 2 min.
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Mobile phones have seen a sharp increase in price over the last few years so XGODY has decided to target the often overlooked budget space with the Mate30.

The $118 smartphone - Xgody Mate30 Review

A quick review of the budget-friendly Xgod Mate30 Android smartphone which, at the time of review, was just $118! Xgody Direct: ...

Designed to compete

They won’t win any originality awards for the design, the front borrows the tier drop camera design seen on recent OnePlus mobiles while the rear has the appears of a 4 camera setup. I say appearance because there is actually only a single camera around the back, this is a mobile that aims to look like an expensive mobile while only costing $118.

It’s available in a range of colours, the rear panel is a fingerprint magnet but looks good when a clean. The mobile is very plastic by design and certainly doesn’t feel like the premium phones, but there is no denying that at a glance it does look like them.

On the bottom is a USB type C port for charging, there are the usual volume rockers and power toggle on the right side and a card tray on the left side.

It comes with 32GB and supports micro SD cards up to 64GB.

Xgody Mate 30 Layout

Why’s the XGODY Mate30 so cheap?

This is a really low-cost phone, why? Well if you buy this phone you’re accepting a lot of compromises to keep that price low. The screen is 6.26 inch, but the resolution is only 540 x 1140.

The front-facing camera is 5MP, the rear is 8MP, however, they’re not great cameras (I wouldn’t expect them to be at this price).

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The processor struggles with high-end gaming such as the racing game you can see in my review video.

Is the XGODY Mate30 worth buying?

It might sound like a lot of negatives, but as yourself this: do you just want a mobile with a good-sized screen for basic browsing and communication? If high-end gameplay and taking photos aren’t relevant to you then the XGODY Mate30 is potentially a very good option.

It is capable of casual gaming and the large screen makes it easy to browse web pages and social media sites. The design is nice, Android 9 runs smoothly) and the battery lasted me a day without any issues.

So if you or someone you know is looking for a low-cost Android mobile that looks like the premium big boys available you should absolutely consider the XGODY Mate 30.