YT Club Flexible Mini Tripod Review

YT Club Flexible Mini Tripod Review


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  • FIRM & FLEXIBLE LEGS: Especially designed with the creative in mind. Wrap the 3 legs of the tripod around virtually anything you can think of. Your only limit is your imagination

The YT Club flexible mini tripod is versatile bit of that caters for a wide range of devices and situations.

Out of the box it’s ready to use with a mobile phone, it has an adjustable mount that holds your mobile in place. A nice feature is that the mount size can be adjusted to allow this to be used with different sized mobiles and potentially even a small tablet.

This mobile holder is attached to the tripod via a standard tripod screw, meaning you can unscrew the mobile mount and use the tripod with regular cameras.

Mini Tripod Package

There is a quick release button to detach the mounting plate from the tripod and this can be locked in place to prevent accidental removal, a nice feature I’ve not seen before.

The tripod legs have an interesting ridged design that means that when they are closed they can act as a handle, allowing you to hold the tripod like a selfie stick.

They legs are also flexible, allowing them to be wrapped around objects for interesting camera shots. In the video you’ll see I demonstrate this with a Polaroid Cube video camera, note that this is REALLY light and I wouldn’t recommend attempting to do the same with with a heavy DSLR camera.

As well as camcorders and DSLRs the tripod can be used with lighting boxes, great for video and photo lighting and it’s really handy at getting lighting from above providing you’ve got something suitable to wrap it around.

Really handy little camera for photographers and YouTubers alike.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1XgLeQi

5 / 5 stars     


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