Arespark 7 Inch Android Tablet Review

The Arespark 7″ Android tablet sits at the budget end of the market, at the time of review it was on sale for £39.99, apparently down from £100.

As you’d expect from a low cost tablet it’s got a very chunky design, it’s not too bad in the hand, although some will find it a little too heavy to hold single handedly.

It comes with a 7 inch capacitive screen which unfortunately isn’t very good. In use looking at this screen very quickly caused eye strain, the viewing angles are poor and as you can see in the video it’s highly reflective and attracts a lot of finger prints.

In use the screen is also frustratingly unresponsive, again you’ll see a demo of this in the below video with menu items being frustratingly pressed several times before they were actually selected.

On the plus side the Arespark tablet doesn’t come pre-loaded with bloatware, it was clutter free in terms of unwanted apps which means you can log into an app store and get installing the things you want to use. If you did need extra space you can expand storage via a microSD card (not included).

However, you won’t need that extra space for photos, the camera is very disappointing and might as well not be present, pictures and video quality is terrible and it would’ve been better to forget having a camera and spending a bit more money on a better screen.

At the time of review the Amazon product page has a picture of the tablet running what appears to be a 3D military game.

Arespark Tablet

Don’t get your hopes up about this running some of the excellent games available on Android as it failed to start 3 different games. I’m sure it’ll be OK at basic games like chess, but considering this is has a quad core processor and presents itself with an image of an exciting looking games it’s disappointing to find the tablet isn’t up to the task.

Perhaps the screen won’t cause you the same eye strain, in which case this could be an OK sofa surfing device for you, but overall this was a very disappointing tablet.

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2 / 5 stars     

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