Arzopa 10 inch Widescreen Digital Photo Frame Review

The Arzopa 10″ Widescreen Digital Photo Frame gives you a lot of screen real estate for not a huge price.

The 10″ frame is available in either black or white.  It’s a good size, not too chunky, and it can either be popped on a desk or wall mounted.

The included manual caused some confusion, it lists a long stand as being included, but that’s not the case.  Instead this is kept upright using a band that screws int the back of the frame.

Around the back you’ll also find manual controls, SD memory card slot, earphone socket, USB port, HDMI and the power socket.

Arzopa 10 inch Widescreen Digital Photo Frame

Arzopa have used a 10″ widescreen 16:0 display with 1024×600 resolution and photos do look really good on this.  Add your chosen media to a memory card, slip it in the back and select your chosen media from the menu.  Popping photos into a single folder gives you access to all of them, or you could split them into different folders and select whichever folder is the one you’d like to look at.

You control the menu either using the controls on the back of the unit or via the included, chunky, remote control.  It’s a basic menu but it does the job.  As well as selecting the media type to view you also have a range of settings to adjust, including a timed on/off feature.

Unlike some digital frames, such as the Nixplay Seed,  the Azorpa doesn’t feature a proximity sensor so the timed feature is useful for turning this off when you know nobody will be around, for example over night.

The frame also supports video playback, the images look good and there is a speaker built in but it’s rather tinny, but it does the job if you want to relive old memories.

It’s a decent frame, looks physically good and photos look good on it as well.  If you pre-load a memory card you could have the perfect Christmas present for someone.

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4 / 5 stars     

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