AVWOO Mini Wooden Bluetooth Speaker Review

AVWOO Mini Wooden Bluetooth Speaker Review


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  • Unique design, Built in Microphone With Lanyard.
  • High technical,Elegant texture Elegant looks: Natural beauty with Cute Wood-grain Nut Shape, smooth surface, solid built and tiny, with built-in Microphone

The AVWOO Brand Mini Wooden Bluetooth Speaker makes a good first impression out of the box, it’s a lovely looking wooden speaker with a single, large, speaker grill on the front and controls on the back.

As well as the controls you get a USB port and aux in port around the back and it comes with a charging cable and aux in cable as well.

Can’t fault the design, it looks really nice and has a no slip base to ensure it stays put.

Unfortunately the quality ends with the looks, this speaker is a case of style over substance and the sound quality of the speaker is very poor, sounding very flat, slightly muffled and with little detail.

OK it’s a low cost speaker, but the sub £50 speaker market has seen a big improvement in quality in the last year, with speakers such as the Sumvision Monic setting the bar higher than ever before.

This mini wooden speaker looks the part, but it doesn’t get close to the high bar the Monix has set.  It’s the sort of thing you’d put in a waiting room where you want things to look nice and you’re not that bothered about the actual sound quality, it’s not the sort of speaker you want to get for yourself with so many other better sounding options are available.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2ikyeQd

AVWOO Brand Mini Wooden Bluetooth Speaker Video Review

2 / 5 stars     

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