Fritz!Box 7530 Review

Editor choice Fritz!Box 7530 Review

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Fritz!Box 7530 Review
Fritz!Box 7530 Review
£119.99 £124.99
  • Fritz!OS is excellent
  • IP telephone system
  • Mesh networking
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Fritzbox Review

I’ve reviewed a number of AVM Fritz!Box products over the years and I’ve been consistently impressed they’re able to find new features to add to the already feature-packed Fritz!OS.

The Fritz!Box 7530 is no exception, it’s available to purchase outright or you can get it along with an internet connection from Zen.co.uk.

Fritz!Box 7530 Style

The 7530 follows the same styling introduced with last years 7590, a sleek red and white colour scheme without any antenna sticking up in the air like a dead spider on it’s back.

This 7530 is smaller than the 7590 and that reduction in size has resulted in fewer ports on the rear for the telephony side of things. However, as the 7530 is a full telephone system/DECT base station this isn’t really an issue as you don’t need to plug handsets in.

A router that packs a punch

Before we get into the phone side of things let’s talk about 7530 as a router. It can be used with any DSL connection or, as I had to as I’m with Virgin Media, it can be used as a router only with your providers’ box acting as a modem.

The Fritz!OS (now into version 7) makes setup a breeze, just follow the on-screen instructions and it’ll guide you through setting up either connection.

AVM has future-proofed the 7530 by making it IPv6 ready, they’ve also added a huge range of features for you to get stuck into. There are lots of helpful wizards to get things set up and you can use as many or as few of the features as you like.

You’ll see in the video review I had no issues with WiFi signal strength around the house, performing on par with my existing Virgin Media Super Hub 3.

This is a dual-band AC+N routers, giving you access to the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands. You can also set up a guest network that is separate from your main network, very handy if you have people over and want to give them access to the internet but keep them separate from your connected devices.

Networks can be time-limited, e.g. only available Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, which I can see being very useful to for parents who wish to restrict access.

There are some features you’re unable to use at the moment, but that’s more to do with the limited range of Fritz!Products available. For example. outside of the UK they have powerline adapters and WiFi extenders, plus devices that support HAN FUN can be used…but I couldn’t find any in the UK at the time of review.

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£119.99 £124.99

A recently added feature to the Fritz!OS is the ability to set up a mesh network. The brilliant thing about Fritz!OS is this ability has also been added to last years 7590 via a software upgrade.

Very easy to set up, all done via a visual interface, and the two routers can communicate either over WiFi or via a wired connection. You’ll see in the review video this made a significant difference in WiFi speed when tested, it’s a great way of extending both WiFi and telephone settings.

Home telephone system

Which brings us nicely on to another great thing about AVMs Fritz!Box 7530: it’s not just a very good router, it’s also a full telephone system!

You can connect a single phone directly to the 7530, additional handsets can connect to the DECT base station. You can also add softphones by downloading an app to your mobile.

I’ve made use of sipgate.com, they offer a free number which you can receive calls on. You can make outgoing calls but you’ll need to add a calls package.

As with everything in the Fritz!OS I found setting up the Sipgate number to be really easy, just pop in a few details and I was up and running in under 2 minutes.

Call quality is excellent, you could easily ditch the landline, have internet only connection and take calls on your SIP number while making calls on your mobile.

AVM Fritzbox telephone features.

Visiting Berlin, Germany, last year I noticed that where ever I went, if I checked for WiFi hotspots there was always a Fritz!Box in use and it’s easy to see why. Yes, they cost more than a basic £30 router, but you can see why when you look around interface and see the number of features packed inside this little red and white box.

Congratulations to Zen for giving customers an outstanding bit of kit, now if someone from Virgin Media could sort this out as the next Super Hub 4 I’d be very happy!

You can buy this from Amazon.co.uk, just watch out for non UK versions people have imported: https://amzn.to/2RkcSjn

10 Total Score
Fritz!Box 7530 Review

Zen have chosen well, the Fritz!Box 7530 is an amazing router for the home user offering an easy to use interface with loads of features.

  • Fritz!OS is excellent
  • IP telephone system
  • Mesh networking
  • Not many compatible smart home products available in the UK
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