Case&More Selfie Stick Review

The Case&More selfie stick is a nice little stick that can only be used with mobile phones, there isn’t a camera mounting plate.

In the collapsed form it’s very compact and easily fits into a bag or pocket. The mobile phone holder needs a bit of force to move and the first time you do move it you’ll be worried about snapping it, especially as when it does move it makes a clicking sound! However don’t worry, after you’ve used this a couple of times you won’t think twice about opening it up and hearing a rapid set of clicks.

The mobile holder has a good range of movement so you can position the phone at the optimal angle for your shot. Keep in mind it presses the side of your phone so you may need to adjust your mobile to ensure the holder isn’t pressing on any side buttons.

Selfie Stick

To actually take the photo you’ll need to follow the included instructions that explain how to set your mobile to use the volume as a camera shutter. The stick comes with a plug you pop into the headphone socket. Press the button and your mobile takes a photo.

When not in use the mobile holder folds back onto the wire, stopping it from dangling around.

The stick can be extended a good distance and it feels sturdy in the hand, there was no bowing even when fully extended. The phone you’ll see in the video is a HTC M9.

Handy stick that’s easy to hide away when not in use.

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5 / 5 stars     

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