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I used AI to help generate content – nichesss review

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Use AI to generate business ideas, marketing copy and social media posts

I’m a blogger who’s interested in everything from mobiles to websites. If you’re like me, a content creator, then you’re probably looking for new ways to generate content for your outlets. How about creating copy for a website that uses artificial intelligence to create content? Using AI to help generate content may sound like a sci-fi fantasy, but it’s actually a cutting-edge technology. I decided to create a blog post to help show how the site’s on-demand writing assistance works.

This might sound like a standard opening to an article, in fact it was co-authored by AI, with the AI creating a first draft that was modified to better fit the post. You can also take advantage of AI to create content using the same website I’m featuring in this post, nichesss.

There’s been a buzz about AI written content, could the future of websites be computer generated content rather than human written? A recent article in The Guardian put this to the test, getting an AI to write an entire article about robots writing articles!

Nichesss doesn’t go that far, but it does help kick start your creativity by suggesting a range of content based on answering a few questions.

What is nichesss?

Nichesss, or niche$$ as it’s also known, is a web based app that helps you write many forms of content. After filling out a quick survey the site uses AI to generate content you can then tweak and use. At the time of writing it lets you generate Business Ideas and Custom Content, with each section offering a selection of specific content types.

The simple interface is easy to use and is accessible on a range of devices, I had no problems using it on my computer or my mobile.

Business Ideas

For those looking to start a new side hustle or business nichesss offers a business idea generation tool There are currently 6 categories to help you find your next project:

  • Passion Quiz – Fill out a form about your passions to generate business ideas
  • Problem Quiz – Define a problem to generate business ideas
  • People Quiz – Define your idea customers to generate business ideas
  • Skill set Quiz – Say what you’re good at to generate business ideas
  • Hobby Quiz – Say what you like to do to generate business ideas
  • Talent Quiz – Say what you’re good at to generate business ideas

Each of these areas leads to a form asking a few basic questions. Let’s take a passion quiz as an example, the form asks you 2 questions, what are you passionate about and what business ideas would you like.

When you click the save and generate button you’ll need to wait around 60 seconds for the site to do its thing, then you’ll be presented with a long list of suggestions (how many depends on how many options you clicked for question 2).

The results can be hit-and-miss, but that’s OK because you get so many suggestions you’re sure to find inspiration from some of them. In this example of a career planner nichesss made some really helpful suggestions such as:

  • A book where you interview successful people in different fields and then analyse those careers and give advices to the reader
  • A course where an instructor teaches how to find a job in a specific industry and how to prepare for an interview
  • An event where a career coach gives advice on how students can choose the right major for a career
  • An online community where young people can post their career goals and you can give them advice on how to fulfil them

For less than 2 minutes work I’m impressed with the wide range of suggestions given. A nice additional feature is having Google Trends built in to the results. At the bottom of the page you can add keywords to see the 5-year Google trend for that subject, to make sure you’re picking a topic people are actually interested in. The results are all stored on the report so you can easily return to both the nichesss ideas list and corresponding Google Trends search result any time you like.

Custom Content

Generating business ideas is a really great bonus for this app, once you have a business it’ll be the customer content section you use the most. This works in the same way as the business ideas section but the focus is on creating content you can use, and the site has a lot of options for you:

  • Ads – Create paid ads for Facebook, Google, Instagram and Twitter
  • Blogs – Create blog post introduction text as well as outlines
  • Feedback – Generate copy to use when asking for feedback on sites like Reddit, Product Hut, or Hackernews
  • Emails – Create subject lines for fun, sales or newsletter emails
  • Instagram Posts – Generate copy for fun posts or when re-targeting a product
  • Marketing Plan – Pick from up to 5 of the different tools to create a single marketing plan across a range of platforms
  • Products – Create product descriptions, how to use paragraphs and problem/solution paragraphs
  • Tweets – Generate text for Twitter ads, inspirational posts or standard twitter posts
  • YouTube – Generate keywords to video titles, opening lines, video ideas and video outlines

That is a LOT of options for content creation, let’s dive in and generate some real world examples.

Nichesss Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan option allows you to pick options from all the other models to create a single content plan, rather than having to go in to each separately for the same project. Let’s assume following the business idea generation we processed to set up a careers’ advice service called Careers Matters.

To get the business up and running we want to set up a landing page that explains our service, and we are considering writing some supporting blog articles and making some YouTube videos. Selecting these 5 items creates a form for us to fill out before the content can be created:

This form will look different depending on your answer to question 4: which elements you want as part of your plan. As with all the forms you click generate and wait around 60 seconds for the plan to be created, in this case there are 17 suggestions for us.

Blog Post Intro Examples

The supporting blog post was titled ‘How to decide you career path while at school’. Notice I put ‘you career path’ and not ‘your career path’. Despite this typo I’m impressed with the 2 suggestions for a blog intro, here’s option 1:

Okay, so you have graduated from college and are now sitting at home wondering what the next step is going to be.  Like so many others before you, you are not sure what you want to do with your career.  If only there was some way to figure out what you want to do with your life before you start your new job.  Well, there is.  Many people never get to a point where they decide what they want to do with their career path.  The key to getting to that point is making a list of what you are good at, what you enjoy doing, and what you wish you were better at. Think of it like this.  If you could be

And here is option 2:

It is not uncommon for people to be unsure of what career path they should take in their lives. Especially when they are in school, there are many different options to choose from. Some people choose to take a career path that will give them the opportunity to make a lot of money, while others take the career that best suits their skills. So, how can you decide on which career is right for you? There are several factors you should consider when deciding your future career. First, you should consider what you like to do. What activities do you enjoy? What are you passionate about? Do you want to work with others? What activities do you engage in outside of school? Are there any activities you engage in that you would like to do

Note in both cases the paragraph gets cut off, which I assume is to do with the sites own restrictions around generating full articles. However, both option give you a solid start to a blog, you might not use them word for word, but they help start the writing process, and often the first step is the hardest so this is a very useful feature.

Facebook Ad Examples

To support this new ‘business’ we want to run some Facebook adverts, but what’s the best copy? Based on the information completed nichesss has suggested 4 different adverts:

  • The average American changes jobs 10 to 15 times in their lifetime! Let us help you find that perfect job that suits you for years to come.
  • We help you find a career that matters to you. Do you have a passion for helping people?  Do you know someone who does?  Are you a great communicator?  Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives?  Our careers matter.
  • Do you feel unfulfilled in your current role? Let us help you find a career that matters to you.
  • We help you find a career that matters.

We happen to be in the UK so the first one wouldn’t work for us, but bonus points for finding a wonderful supporting stat. Once again, you may not want to use the text verbatum, but each of these gives you a good starting point, especially if you’ve never created an advert before and have no idea what to write.

Landing Page Examples

We have our advert, but where do we send potential customers? To a landing page! This option doesn’t generate a full landing page, it generates headings you can use at the top of your page to explain problems you’ll solve. In this case we received 3 suggestions:

  • This should be about the job you’ve always dreamed of or the career you’ve always wanted
  • Find you next career move.
  • _________ find meaning and purpose in their jobs. Crazy Egg is a heat map tool that allows you to record and track how users move around your website. They are a great resource to discover where users are looking on your website and also which

The first two work well, the third is a total miss. These are decent, if you needed additional landing page suggestions you could use the free Copysmith Landing Page generator which aims to generate a basic landing page (a higher quality paid landing page generator is also available).

Product Problem / Solutution Paragraph Examples

I picked the problem/solution paragraph option to help generate additional content for the landing page. This gives us 3 additional suggestions:

  • Careers Matters is a career guidance company that aims to help young people make the right decisions about their future. The company was founded by a team of entrepreneurs who were once young and unsure of what they wanted to do in life. Together they have created a business that is run by young people for young people. The company offers career guidance services to help young people achieve their goals and develop the skills to succeed.
  • Careers Matter is a service that helps young people figure out what career is right for them. They help young people figure out what they want to do, and then they help them find a career that is right for them. With the help of Careers Matters, many young people are able to go to college and pursue careers that they love and are passionate about.
  • Many young people are unsure which career they want to pursue. The number one reason is that they have never had a chance to explore their interests. Careers Matters offers a wide variety of services designed to help young people explore their interests, develop their skills, and find a career that is right for them.

These are all great suggestions, you could use elements from each to help explain the business to visitors. As with other content, you’d tweak and adjust it to be specific for you business.

YouTube Random Video Ideas Examples

Finally, we decided to support the business by launching a related YouTube channel. Starting a channel can be a daunting task, how do you figure out what topics you should cover? The YouTube random video ideas option aims to help you out by suggesting topics for your videos, in this case we have 4 suggestions:

  • Finding a Career that Matters to you in 2019 The Data List of Common Nouns: Nouns Wikipedia Page 1.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_common_English_noun
  • 50 Tips for College Students
  • 10 Jobs That Didn’t Exist a Decade Ago
  • 6 Things You Should Never Say on a Job Interview

3 of the 4 are great suggestions for our industry and would make for good video topics to investigate further.

+Add More…

You can see the suggestions contain some gold nuggets as well as some very random suggestions, if you find yourself wanting additional suggestions or want to try slight variations that’s possible via the +Add More button located under each section of suggested content.

This is especially helpful when generating blog intros, generate additional suggestions on the topic you’re blogging about and you can quickly have a decent amount of suggested content written to start an in depth blog post.

Nichesss vs Copysmith

I mentioned the Copysmith landing page generator, in general these websites are very similar in features and functions apart from one key aspect: price. Both use a credits system, generate content and you use credits. Both have offered AppSumo deals. However, the Nichesss deals offers you UNLIMITED CREDITS, Copysmith offered a few credits.

Unlimited generation of ideas means you can explore the many options without having to wait for your credits to refresh next month, it also makes this a great tool if you have a range of clients that rely on you for idea generation.

There are some additional options in Copysmith you don’t get in nichesss such as SEO meta tag generation, landing pages, and (coming soon) blog posts. So one option is to get both and use nichnesss for the bulk of your ideas and Copysmith credits on the areas not currently covered.

Alternatively you can wait to see if those options get added, at the time of writing the Product Description suggestion had just been added and the developer appears to be eager to engage with users to develop the service further.

How much does nichesss cost?

At the time of writing you can grab nichesss for a very special one time price of just US$59 (about £40) and that gives you access to unlimited suggestions for marketing copy, ideas, email subjects, social posts, blogs etc.

Grab the offer via my affiliate link: https://appsumo.8odi.net/NAdAO

The offer includes lifetime access and all future updates, making this a brilliant offer to snap up while you can.

I used AI to help generate content – nichesss review
I used AI to help generate content – nichesss review
$59 $999

Mark J Draper is a self-confessed gadget lover who forged a career in the telecommunication and utility industry while maintaining a hobby of writing and filming reviews that are published on YouTube and Reviewify.co.uk.