iRULU X1S 7″ Android Tablet Review

The iRULU X1S is a little budget tablet gives you some basic functions for a low price.

As you’d expect for the price, this is a very plastic tablet and the screen is a bit reflective at times. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the decent viewing angles and the iRULU X1S screen generally looked OK.

It comes running the older version 4.4 of Android (it’s up to version 6 at the time of review) and this runs OK, but as you’ll see in the review video it could be a bit slow at times, taking a while to catch up when buttons are pressed.

iRulu X1s Tablet

The iRULU X1S camera is functional, photos are rather washed out, and games don’t run that well, again see the video for a demo of just how bad Modern Combat 5 ran.

However, where the iRULU X1S does well is not only on price, but also on video streaming and web browsing. In the video I demonstrate YouTube and Netflix, both streamed fine, so this is potentially a good little tablet to load up with content for a long trip to keep the kids occupied.

If you’re looking for a really low cost tablet for a bit of browsing, online shopping or video streaming this is worth considering, but if you’re after a more rounded tablet that can also handle games and provide a frustration free interface this might be too bargain basement for you.

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3 / 5 stars     

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