Keep your accessories organised – STM Dapper Wrapper Review

  • By: Mark J Draper
  • Time to read: 2 min.
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Carry around lots of wires/cables/cards? Then you need the STM Dapper Wrapper

A quick look at the STM Dapper Wrapper, ideal for those who end up carrying about a lot of cables, cards, wires etc, it's available from: - ...

I’ve reviewed a number of STM Goods items, usually rucksacks such as the STM Myth, so I was intrigued by the smaller offering of the STM Dapper Wrapper, a storage accessory bag to keep your kit organised and tidy.

My experience of STM products is they’re designed to protect your kit while looking good and the Dapper Wrapper is no exception. I was given the rather fetching Windsor Wine colour, it’s also available in Granite Black and Slate Blue.

While I like the look of the black and blue versions I think the Windsor Wine version looks really smart, with the red strap perfectly matching the grey of the main body. Aiming to keep the wrapper looking dapper, STM has applied a water and dirt repellent C6DWR coating to the fabric. The main material is 100% polyester.

The Dapper Wrapper is held closed via a magnetic catch that is quick to open and close. The strap can be tightened or loosened depending on what you’re storing.

Opening this tiny bag up you’ll find a lot of storage space for organization of your accessories.

STM Dapper Wrapper with accessories

I especially like the zip pocket, it’s perfect for storing memory cards when on the go and I’d have liked a second, smaller, version of this in place of one of the other sections.

If you travel with a lot of accessories the Dapper Wrapper is a brilliant organiser, allowing you to load it up with cables, USB sticks, Amazon Fire (with remote!), memory cards, headphones, adapters, battery bank…the list goes on.

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Once the pockets are loaded up with your small items you wrap it closed and then pop it in a case or bag (or large pocket!). You’ll have no problem fitting this in most bags, it doesn’t need to be a larger bag or suitcase.

As with previously reviewed STM products, the Dapper Wrapper is not only functional, it also looks great as well.