NIX 8 inch Digital Photo Frame (X08E) Review



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We all have hundreds of digital photos stored on our phones, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see those photos on your desk?

The NiX 8″ Digital photo frame lets you load photos on via external memory so you can view your digital masterpieces in the same way you would a traditional photo.

The NIX 8″ Digital photo frame is a great way to show off your digital photo library. It can read photo or video files from both SD and USB memory, with both options being hidden around the back.  Both plug into the base of the unit that also acts as a stand and the stand also has controls on it if you don’t want to make use of the included remote.

The NIX X08D frame has a 1024×768 high resolution IPS backlit display, images look crisp and excellent quality, perfect for sitting on your desk.

To conserve power the screen can be set to automatically switch off after a certain amount of time and will reactivate when it detects motion, perfect for

Along with the frame you get a remote control that allows you to skip photos and access the device settings.

Setup is really easy, plug in your memory card or USB stick, power up the device and it will automatically scan for photos and videos. After a few moments it will be ready to use.

On first power up the time/date will be incorrect, it only takes a couple of moments to set the information and this is worth doing as the frame uses it in some display options to give you not just a photo frame, but also a clock and/or calendar.

There are lots of different settings to take a look at, for example as mentioned you can have the date and time displayed on the photo, the transition type can be changes as can the duration a photo is shown to name but a few of the options.  It’s well worth spending time in the settings menu to get this working exactly as you want.

Photos and videos look great, it’s easy to setup, just remember to buy a memory card or USB stick if you don’t have one spare.

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