Pacific TECH Professional 9.6″ Tablet Review

The Pacific TECH Professional 9.6″ Tablet manages to pack in a 1.5 GHz quad core processor, two cameras and two SIM card slots.

Along with the tablet and the usual accessories of USB charger and cables I was surprised to find this also comes with a 32GB microSD card as well as a case, both items you normally have to pay extra for when purchasing a tablet.

At the time of review it came with Android 5.1 and a very clean version at that, no unwanted apps pre-installed!

Although it’s marketed as a tablet in reality it’s actually just a big Android mobile phone as it has not one, but two SIM card slots.

Now while it could, theoretically, be used as a phone to make calls you’d look rather silly, it has a 9.6” screen after all! The screen is very good, good viewing angles and responsive to the touch, the only minor niggle is it’s very reflective which can make it difficult to see in very bright light.

Pacific TECH Tablet

The large screen is great for watching videos and the included case can be used to prop this up so you don’t need to hold on to it. It’s also a good size for gaming as you can still see all the action even using on screen controls.

Games ran well and were very playable. I’ve seen Asphelt8 running a little smoother than on this tablet, but it didn’t stop the game from being hugely enjoyable on the large screen.

There are front and back cameras and this is normally where lower cost tablets fall down, the keep the price low the rear cameras are usually of poor quality. In this case you get a decent 5MP camera, and while that might sound rather poor the photos and video it takes are actually OK.

Pacific TECH EG photo 3 Pacific TECH EG photo 2 Pacific TECH EG photo 1






So overall a good value for money Android tablet.

Available on Amazon USA: or (gold back rather than black)

5 / 5 stars     

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