SPIN Remote SDC-1 Universal Remote Review

SPIN Remote SDC-1 Universal Remote Review


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  • Universal Remote Control for all standard infrared players
  • Central Control for Smart Home devices
  • Seamless controlled via gestures, rotations, the
  • 360 ° connectivity via infrared, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection (via smartphone)

The SPIN Remote SDC-1 Universal Remote is a great looking bit of kit which aims to replace your many remotes with a single device.

There isn’t much to it, it opens to allow 2 AA batteries to be installed.

To get it setup you’ll need to download the companion app, fire this up and it’ll detect the remote and apply a software update if required.

In the app you can then create different profiles to control a range of gadgets. You swap between the profiles by tapping the S on top of the controller and the light colour indicated which profile is in use.

The idea is that this can replace all your existing remotes for all your gadgets, and it almost manages this. You assign different actions to different gestures, so for example spinning it activates volume up or down (depending which way you spint).

To teach the SPIN commands you need to point the existing remote and press the corresponding key. This feels time intensive compared to the Logitech Harmony remote system that can download commands for your specific device without having to teach the remote, but is a similar system as used in The Wand Company remotes that also require you to program in each command.

Spin SDC-1 Remote and app

The Spin didn’t like my LG Magic Remote, refusing to recognise commands. Fortunately this remote is actually use to control and amplifier and Tivo rather than the TV itself and the Spin had no problem accepting commands from either of those remotes.

The commands are learnt very quickly, but with such a range of options you’ll need to be good at remembering what action performs what command.

The spin gestures work well, the trackpad gestures are a little hit and miss. Sometimes I’ll do one gesture and it’ll think I’m doing another but perhaps I need more practice with it.

The pad can work really well, you’ll see me use it to control the Tivo menu system in the review video.

A second issue I ran into was that some features were listed as coming soon, for example I couldn’t make use of the Nest or Lifx options in the app.

So it’s a nice bit of kit that currently feels unfinished. If you’re not interested in those missing features and you want a cool universal remote this is a great little item that has stiff competition from the likes of The Wand Company and Logitech.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2gOlzAL

SPIN Remote SDC-1 Universal Remote Video Review

3 / 5 stars     

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