TCL’s NXTPAPER arrives in the tablet I’ve been waiting for

At CES2021 TCL have announced a new tablet featuring NXTPAPER, a power efficient screen designed to reduce eye strain.

This of NXTPAPER as the E Ink alternative we’ve all been waiting for, giving us a full colour, paper-like, experience with the negative impact of blue light.   TCL claim NXTPaper will produce 25% higher contrast that e-ink while being 65% more power efficient that LCD screens, meaning you go longer between charges thanks to better battery life.

Like E Ink, NXTPAPER makes use of natural light that reflects off the tablet’s screen, unlike E Ink this looks set to be full colour and support video rather than just static text.

TCL NXTPAPER Tablet Specifications & Price

The first implementation of NXTPAPER comes in the form of an Android 10 tablet, expected to arrive around April 2021.  For 349€ you get the following specs:

  • Android 10
  • 8.88″ 1440 x 1080 display with the new display technology
  • 8MP rear camera
  • Octa-Core Mediatek MT8768E chipset
  • 6 GB ROM + 4 GB RAM
  • 5500mAh battery
  • Supports up to 256 GB Micro SD cards

With so much of our time spent staring at screens I’m excited to see how this new screen technology performs and if it can offer eye protection via an eye strain free viewing experiance. 

The app I’m most interested in trying out on this new tablet is Readly. If you’re unfamiliar with Readly, it’s best described as the Netflix of magazines and Newspapers, you pay a monthly charge for all you can read and the collection they have covers everything you could want.

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A single account can be shared with your family, and given they have everything from T3 and Cosmopolitan to the Daily Express and the Guardian there really is something for everyone, however getting through all that content can be hard on a traditional tablet as it’s more screen time.

And that’s why I’m very excited to get my hands on an Android tablet with NXTPAPER technology!  

Mark J Draper is a self-confessed gadget lover who forged a career in the telecommunication and utility industry while maintaining a hobby of writing and filming reviews that are published on YouTube and