Tubebuddy Chrome extensions translation feature will blow you away

As a video creator I’ve found Tubebuddy to be an excellent addition to my content creation toolbox.  After you sign up you install the Chrome extension and that adds a lot of extra functionality to your YouTube account, but there is one video SEO tool in particular I want to highlight today.

TubeBuddy ‘translate’ tools allows content creators to quickly and easily add video titles and descriptions in multiple languages, making videos more accessible to a wider audience.

It’s such a simple process that only takes a couple of clicks, let me demonstrate.

How to easily translate YouTube titles and descriptions

Translating your YouTube video title and descriptions only takes a couple of clicks, but first you need to be a TubeBuddy customer.

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TubeBuddy is a fantastic third-party tool to help you manage your YouTube channel and help with channel growth.  Once you’ve signed up, download and install the browser extension, I’m using the Chrome browser.

1. Select the video for translation

From the creator studio dashboard select the video you’d like to create a translated title and description for. 

After selecting the video click ‘Subtitles’ from the left menu.  Tubebuddy adds information about the top 10 languages spoken by your channel audience, helping you identify which languages you should prioritise.

In this example you can see German is the priority.

2. Add Language

Click the ‘ADD LANGUAGE’ button and select the language you wish to add a title and description for. 

This will add a new row in the ‘Video subtitles’ table.  Click ‘ADD’ under Titles and description.

3. Add translation

When you click the add button you’ll see a table showing your original title and descrion on the left and an empty box on the right.

Those without TubeBuddy will have to manually fill this box in, perhaps by copying the title and description, pasting it into Google Translate, copying the output, pasting it back.  But not us!  All we need to do is press the ‘tb TRANSLATE’ button in the top right.

After a short wait, the translated text will automatically appear.  Just press the publish button and you’re done!

You can repeat this process with other languages to quickly build up a range of translated titles and descriptions.

How do I install the TubeBuddy Extension?

If you’re new to the world of browser extensions let me first explain what they are.  A browser extension is like an app for your browser. You install them, and they give you access to additional features, in this example, the translation feature.  

I’ve used the Chrome extension for years and it works brilliantly, they do support other browsers and when you visit the TubeBuddy site they will detect which plugin you need, just click the ‘install’ button and follow the instructions, the installation process is quick and easy.

Some people wonder if TubeBuddy is legit, I cover that in this article:  The short answer is yes, they’re a legit company.

TubeBuddy Pricing and Special Offer

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Mark J Draper is a self-confessed gadget lover who forged a career in the telecommunication and utility industry while maintaining a hobby of writing and filming reviews that are published on YouTube and