Alcatel Pixi 3 10.1″ Tablet Review

The Alcatel Pixi 3 10.1″ tablet is, like other Alcatel products reviewed last year, a really good value for money bit of kit.

The tablet has a plastic design to it but packs in a 10.1″ screen, 1.3GHz quad core processor, 8GB memory (expandable up to 64GB via MicroSD card), a 2MP rear camera and a 0.3MP front facing camera.

At the time of review the Pixi 3 was running Android 5.0.1, and it runs this very smoothly.  It comes with a number of apps pre-installed to get you up and running, many of which you likely won’t want to use.  Fortunately most of these can be uninstalled to free up space, which you’ll want to do as the internal space quickly gets filled up, fortunately there is the option of adding a micro-SD card.

Alcatel Pixi 3The large screen looks great and is fine for watching media on, especially when paired with a good set of speakers such as the recently reviewed Edifier Exclaim speakers as seen in the review video below.

The USB port allows other peripherals to be added, in the video you’ll see the use of a GameSir gamepad allowing the Pixi tablet to be a little games console. Games run really well on this, nice and smooth and without any lag. The large screen size means you’ll lots of room for on screen controls if you’re not using an external controller.

Web browsing/online shopping are also a pleasure, the screen looks great and is nice and responsive. The tablet is light enough to hold single handed, but the large size means you’ll likely use both hands or rest it on something.

You can also pair a Bluetooth keyboard and use this as a little workstation.

It may have a plastic finish, but that’s because Alcatel have chosen to spend the cash on the areas that matter, this is a great tablet for the price, just remember to get an SD card with it.

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4 / 5 stars     

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