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Portal 2 Bookend

Portal 2 Bookends

Portal and Portal 2 have some great merchandise and these Portal 2 bookends are such an obvious idea  it’s surprising they didn’t come out when Portal was originally released. As you can see from the image, the idea is a simple one.  The Portal bookends are constructed from metal and feel very solid.  Pop one…

Pebble Watch

Pebble Smart Watch

As a fan of the watch, something that seems to be in less and less use these days with people using smart phones to check the time, the idea of one that links to a phone, can change watch faces, control music playback, and last longer than a day was very existing. Much has been…

Minx Go

Cambridge Minx Go Review

The Minx Go is a small travel speaker by Cambridge Audio.  I’m a fan of Cambridge Audio kit having already purchased from the Minx range for my surround sound. I’ve been looking for a decent, low cost, bluetooth travel speaker for a while so as soon as I learnt they’d released the Minx Go, a travel speaker, I…


Ecoegg, Fresh Linen, 720 Washes £32.98 £30.75  in stock BUY NOW as of 28/06/2022 5:18 am Features Money-saving, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic alternative to washing detergent – uses natural cleaning pellets that contain no harsh chemicals Lasts for up to 720 washes, that’s 3 years’ of washing for the average family at just 3p per…

Harry Potter Studio Tour Logo

Harry Potter: Warner Brother Studio Tour

Harry Potter has had a worldwide cultural impact that will resonate for years to come.  With fans worldwide but no more books or films to look forward to just how will fans get their fix?  If the Warner Brother Harry Potter Studio Tour the answer? Well the short answer is yes!  If you’re a Harry…

Kol Battleship

Sins of a Solar Empire Collectors Edition Review

As a self confessed huge fan of the Sins of a Solar Empire games I was both surprised and excited when a collectors editions was released.  But after waiting for so many months for it to arrive, would it live up to my expectations? Ordered many months ago, the collectors edition was initially due to…

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control Review

After pre-ordering the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control finally arrived today! First impressions are good, it comes well packaged and Firebox also included some sweets, yum. The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control was designed and built by The Wand Company, who have had a previous hit with a Harry Potter themed remote….

I Amsterdam City Card

I Amsterdam City Card Review

The I Amsterdam city card offers loads of inspiration if you’re looking to explore the cultural side of Amsterdam and are not sure where to start.  It’s simple to use and will have easily paid for itself by the end of your trip. The I Amsterdam City Card is a simple concept; You pre purchase…

Flux Logo

F.lux Review

F.lux is a simple application that sits in the background and you don’t even notice it…until it’s switched off.  The basic idea is simple, as darkness falls we often continue to use our PCs, but in the lower light levels there is no need for the screen to be on full brightness, so F.lux adapts…