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Software as a Service, AKA SaaS, are online software packages. You don’t need to install anything on your PC meaning you can access them from anywhere that has an internet connection. Here are our reviews of SaaS packages.

Inksprout uses AI to write shareable article summarises

Inksprout uses AI to generate a summary of the article, using the main points of the article and discarding the fluff. This way you can read the article while retaining most of the information.

I used AI to help generate content – nichesss review

This website lets you use AI to generate business ideas, marketing copy and social media posts offers FREE workouts

Tired of paying for fitness apps? Taboota offers FREE user-generated workout videos.

StoryBlocks review by a YouTuber

As a solo content creator I try to grab my camera and film as much footage as possible, but sometimes I’ll want a shot that I don’t have the resources to film, and that’s where StoryBlocks comes in. Review – Incredible Business Tool is a feature rich online platform that allows you to run your business from a single dashboard.

Flixier Thumbnail

Fixier Review – Edit video in the cloud

Struggling to edit video on your under powered computer? Flixier aims to remove the hardware barrier to entry by offering a fully cloud based video editor, but is it any good?

cadasio blog images – The future of IKEA instructions? allows you to easily create animated assembly instructions online using your existing CAD files.

AppSumo Cover

Is AppSumo Legit?

You’ve probably seen an ad for AppSumo deals and wondered is AppSumo legit? Click to learn the answer to this and other AppSumo related questions.

Endorsal Review – Easily add testimonials to your website

Create amazing customer testimonials automatically for your website.

AppSumo Plus – is it worth it?

AppSumo Plus – is it worth it?

AppSumo Plus gives you 10% off every code purchased in return for an annual price of $99, is it worth it?