Don’t miss these amazing AppSumo deals

Best AppSumo Deals

AppSumo has expanding the number of products on offer, it can be tricky to know which to go for. Here are my top pick, grab them while you can, AppSumo deals that shouldn’t be missed.

Awesome Music


Available from:

For $59 you gain access to a brand-new music platform designed with creators in mind. As a video creator myself I know how hard it can be to source good quality music for videos, the free YouTube music library has some fantastic hidden gems but after a while you’ll be left wanting a more professional sounding catelogue.

Appsumo deals 1: Uppbeat

And of course then there’s the issue of copyright, you can’t just go and slap on any old music track on your videos as YouTube has developed an incredibly powerful content checker that ‘listens’ to your videos and identifies the songs in them.

Uppbeat was an immediate purchase for me, the deal gives an unlimited number of tracks to download, including access to premium tracks and allows you to whitelist your YouTube channel.

They’re also planning on adding an SFX library, which is included in the deal.

The music can be used on YouTube, TikTok, podcasts, Facebook, Instgram, Vimeo and generally any platform where the content is free to the viewer. You can’t use the music in paid for courses, and if you want to use for business use you need to be a sole trader or part of an organisation with 10 or less employees.

I’ve had a listen to a lot of the tracks and they’re great quality, if you’re looking for a Epidemic Sound alternative this is the one for you:

Data Driven SEO Goals

Squirrly SEO

Available from:

As a WordPress user this one immediately caught my eye. If you’ve a WordPress website you’ve likely come across plugins such as Yeost and RankMath, both of which have free versions and paid for pro versions (with a lot of the good stuff saved for the pro versions).

Squirrly SEO is an alternative, and this deal gives you lifetime access to it’s paid for Business plan that normally costs $71.99 a MONTH.

Appsumo deals 2: Squirrly SEO

There are 3 price points available, $49, $98, $147. The difference between the plans is the number of websites you can use this on and the number of functions you can run (e.g. keyword researches).

I went for the full 3 stack on this one, that gave me the ability to use this on an unlimited number of websites, and the maximum number of all other features per month.

Having installed it on a number of sites (including this one) I like what I see. As well as a powerful keyword research and tracking tool you’re given tasks to help improve key content on your website as well as a live SEO suggestions box when using the WordPress post editor.

It also gives you control over each posts SEO snippet, allowing you to quickly and easily edit the metatags and social sharing descriptions and images.

These are just a couple of features, there are a LOT more and that has meant the interface can be a little confusing, feedback the developers have taken on board and plan to address. I’ve found the more you use it the easier it gets.

A must have for WordPress users:

AI Content Creator


Available from:

This AppSumo Marketplace deal is proving to be a big hit judging by the rapid growth of the Facebook group. I’ve previously reviewed the product but since my review a lot of new features have been added.

For just $59 you gain lifetime access to a range of AI content generating tools, you provide a set of information and the tools goes off and generates things like marketing copy, blog post ideas and introductions, even love poems!

AppSumo, you’re great,
Helping me make my store.
My first purchase, was the SumoMe,
Which made my free trial, so easy to love.

Poem by nichesss

OK so the poems are more of a fun feature than useful one, the rest of the tools have already proven to be very useful for me. The issue with a lot of AI writing sites is the use of credits, you often need to try a few different inputs to get useable output, Nichesss gives you unlimited credits so you’re free to generate as much as you want.

I recently demonstrated the tool to a family member who works at We used the ‘Sales – Feature-Advantage-Benefit’ tool and it produced a number of suggestions, here’s a couple of examples:

Features: Create a beautiful, interactive guide to assembly for your product using your existing CAD data.
Advantages: Create assemblies that tell a story about your product.
Benefits: Reduce costs and time associated with physical assembly instructions.

Features: CAD data can be converted to 3D instructions which can be published on the web.
Advantages: A new way of communicating your product information to your customers.
Benefits: Reduce the time to develop and market new products.

We also tried the ‘Pain-Agitate-Solve’ model:

Pain: Manufacturers of products need to communicate their assembly instructions but find it incredibly time consuming. 
Agitate: You have to prepare a manual and create visual instructions for every product you make. This takes a long time to do, and then your staff have to understand it.
Solution: Cadasio provides a cloud based solution that allows you to create assembly instructions using a simple drag and drop interface, with the instructions then automatically translated into any language you like.

You always need to check AI generated content, but as a starting point we were impressed, especially as he is a coder rather than a marketing person, this has given his team a springboard for landing page text ideas.

If you struggle with ideas for blog posts or YouTube videos, with copy for your social media posts, emails and website or you would like help with your product descriptions and sales copy (using frameworks such as AIDA) then Nichesss is the tool for you:

A year of perks

AppSumo Plus

Available from:

Not strictly an AppSumo deal in the traditional sense, but with recent changes I feel it has to be highlighted. AppSumo Plus is a yearly membership fee which traditionally has given 10% off all purchases. This was an OK investment if you spent more than $1000 a year on AppSumo, however in the last few months there have been a number of additional benefits added that make this a lot more attractive.

AppSumo appear to be trying different benefits so these are all subject to change, in the last few months I’ve had the following perks:

  • FREE access to tier 1 of Mailfox (AppSumo’s own version of MailChimp) worth $49
  • Choice of Marketplace items to review in return for the product
  • Extra discounted deals (I picked up one deal for $35, it was about $70 to non Plus customers)
  • Extra benefits included with deals

Plus I still get 10% off every purchase and access to additional freebies and Plus only offers on previous deals.

They’ve been coming up with new ideas on a monthly basis, if you regularly shop on AppSumo then right now AppSumo Plus is a must-have, over 12 months it pays for itself:

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