Edifier Announce New T5 POWERED SUBWOOFER

Edifier have featured a lot on this site, and with good reason, they produce some excellent equipment for an affordable price. Now they’re back with the announcement of the new T5 powered subwoofer that features an 8-inch speaker driver with distortion free bass and 70W RMS for sharp, exact sound.

Featuring an 8-inch-long stroke speaker driver with DSP technology, the T5 ensures powerful distortion-free bass. The driver delivers 70w RMS of strong sound, safeguarding against warped and overblown deep lows. The Low Pass Filter produces a frequency response of 38Hz, meaning the T5 will only play sounds too low for your speaker set up to properly output without distortion.

A smart compact design, the T5 has been manufactured using the highest quality, medium density fibreboard materials. The 21mm MDF wooden casing offers reduced cabinet resonance for better audio quality. The unit also features a bass volume knob and a frequency range knob at the back of the panel, which allows you to raise or lower the frequency.

The T5 also has a handy auto standby feature designed to keep unnecessary power usage to a minimum, meaning the unit can be left plugged in when not being used. The unit is connected via an RCA line in/line out connection.

Developed to deliver a clean listening experience for everyone, the T5 is a brilliant addition to a home sound system set up.

Main Features:

  • 8” speaker driver for distortion-free bass
  • Low pass filter with 38Hz frequency response
  • 21mm MDF casing and auto standby mode
  • Adjustable bass and frequency bandwidth


  • Driver unit 8-inch bass
  • Power output RMS 70W
  • Signal to noise ratio ≥85dB (A)
  • Frequency response 38Hz~200Hz
  • Noise level ≤25dB (A)
  • Input sensitivity 50±20mV

Pricing and Availability

The T5 is available from Amazon:

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